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  • EJ and Micah are two brothers that are on an island while they were searching they found a girl named Trudy! And it got from good to worse when Rito has got on an island to steal the boat! Will Trudy win the battle or will Rito win? Find out on EJ and Friends today!
  • EJ and Friends is back! This time EJ, Micah and Trudy finds out how to change the boat and later on EJ battles with his foe Scum the villain that created Rito! Can EJ win the battle? Find out on EJ and Friends The Boat!
  • Hello, and welcome to the next book, and this will be mostly about Sasha helping Micah do some skills and fighting, and in this one it’s EJ and Micah against Big Orange. PS: I didn’t use voice because the chat was usually from right to left, this one will be left to right!
  • EJ and Friends is back! When a new friend has got kidnapped and EJ fell into a ring EJ found a new villain will EJ beat the obstacle course or will Big Orange win? Find out on EJ and Friends Sasha!
  • Coming for Halloween in 2021 EJ’s Nightmare! Join EJ as he drank a secret drink and become scary! Will Micah fix this problem? Find out on EJ’s Nightmare!

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My Collection - "EJ’s adventure" Follow Collection


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