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  • Chapter 2 of Incinerator. Read Chapter 1 if you haven't yet. Chapter 3 is coming soon! :D
  • A fiction story about an S.S. Officer's view during WW2. Frederick rules the concentration camp and everyone answers to him. In his deepest heart of hearts, he knows what he's doing is wrong and learns to realize that the Jews are more human than he was towards them. Check out chapter 2, coming soon!
  • David, a paramedic, experiences a series of emotional events involving life and death. After failing to save a motorcyclist, he finds comfort in the company of his coworker's family. A mishap leads him to a near-death experience where he encounters God.
  • David, a young boy with mysterious powers, navigates school life and bullying. After using his powers to help a bully, he decides to become an EMT. Despite initial setbacks due to his age, David eventually becomes an EMT and saves a drowning man.
  • Who is David Griffin, you ask? Honestly, he doesn't really know yet. He has a hard life..but maybe, somehow, good will come out of it all. Chapter 2 coming soon! Sorry I didn't take the time to fix my spelling. I just couldn't wait to share it with you all!
  • This is my first book on storyjumper! Please comment and like my story! I wrote this story in 6th grade.
  • Little Pip didn't know what to do. His fur was different, and the other mice were mean to him because of it. What will he do?
  • A civil war time short historic fiction story. It is about a special boy who left home to become a man and to kill the man who murdered his father in court, many years ago. He is against slavery, and looks forward to the day when African Americans are free.
  • This is a short story I wrote for a talent show. I think his is one of my best stories so far, so I decided to post it on storyjumper! Please Comment!
  • I had to answer this question at school, and I thought you all would find my opinion interesting. Please comment!

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