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  • Find out more about an enchanted dream of little girl Sophia. Enter Fairyland with Sophia and be transformed to fairy your self in your imagination.
    by Pheo Jay
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  • 'How magical the woods can be.' Sasha thought out loud as she skipped through the woods behind her garden. Sasha always went for a walk in the woods to see what magic it brings. After walking for an hour, she stopped at a place she had never seen before. It was a cave. Because Sasha was adventurous, she went inside and was amazed. The inside was filled with flowers, gems, sequins, and even glitter. As she got closer to the end she spotted something no other cave had. It was a door to the exit. Sasha was curious. So she opened the door. Instead of the woods. She spotted a fairy-tale land. As she walked a never-ending path. She saw bunnies, rabbits, puppies, and cats. Eels and dolphins. But as she walked a bit more she saw a silhouette. Not any of the animals she had seen before. A bigger, scarier was brave so she decided to ignore it and take in the beauty of the world. But after 5 minutes the silhouette got bigger and bigger and bigger. Sasha’s heart was thumping as she grew number and number. She was so worried about what was going to happen to her. After a few minutes, the climate around her got hotter and hotter. This was very strange and it was almost impossible to guess what it was. After a few moments, Sasha had a brainwave and a fright. It was a FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as she could Sasha got her phone and dialed 000. By the time the fire department arrived the fire was as big as an elephant and about 10 firefighters were needed to put out the fire. Lastly, the fire department checked that Sasha was okay and well and then were on their way. It will  be fire - free the next time you come After the firefighters were out of sight the animals talked in clear English to Sasha saying thank you for saving fairyland but she needed to keep a secret that she met animals that talked. After a few moments, the animals decided Sasha was trustworthy enough to be given a magic key that whenever she wanted she could go to fairyland by chanting to key ‘Little key take me to fairyland'. The bunnies also promised fairyland will be fire-free As Sasha skipped become hope she thought 'The woods really bring magic' Join Sasha as she embarks on a journey to Fairyland. Enchanted animals met her and surrounding her is beautiful greenery, all is wonderful until disaster strikes...
    by Pheo Jay
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