Travis Darkow

Travis Darkow has been writing stories and crafting worlds from his imagination from a very young age, and enjoys sharing his visions with anyone and everyone who loves to adventure through fantastic worlds filled with unique characters. He lives in Washington with his wife Kelsey and their dog Jax.

Books by Travis Darkow

Books I Like

  • This book is about a pirate, Captain Gardyloo, along with his parrot Pepper and their adventure to find treasure. Everything is going according to plan until an unexpected visitor interrupts their search.
  • A story about depression for kids. The story is about some animal friends and how they deal with depression when one of their friends gets depressed.
  • Pining for his dearest, and eager to have an excuse to take his new motor-car out, Charles sets out for the railway station. Elizabeth, equally longing for her beloved, is soon to arrive. A most delightful surprise ensues! A guaranteed little treat of a read, 1930s 1:12 scale style.
  • A young boy travels through his dreams and discovers amazing secrets, meets some friends from another galaxy, and learns that with a creative imagination anything is possible!
  • Everyone is beautiful, no matter who you are or where you live, you are simply amazing! Always take the time to tell someone how great they are.
  • Bumble books are about a mad shaggy dog called "Bumble" who goes on many real life adventures sailing round the world..
    "Bumble loves sailing"
    is the first book I have written with many more adventures to follow.
    I was very lucky to meet a wonderful man who wanted to go sailing round the world.
    As Bumble was my dog she just had to come on our amazing journey too...
    Ian called it his LOG OFF deal,Love one get one free...
    Every photograph you see in the books are photos we have taken on our travels so far.
    Bumble books are great for learning and fun real life stories to read.
    You can also follow Bumble on face book, she has her own page and following and has already become a little celebrity in newspapers and magazines.
    Follow Bumble at McLaren-Morris. for regular updates on her wonderful adventures.
    Many thanks to Erica from for making all our dreams come true.
  • This book is about an alien name Green who loves to make art.
  • The scientist that led his anger through building a monster.
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