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  • Faith has been working to promote her platform "Feed My starving children" since 2019...but then Covid-19 hit, and she wasn't able to work on her passion as much. In "Hope starts with Us", a sequel to her widely read story "Life without Food", Faith is back with an inspiring and heartfelt story about why a little hope and faith, can help us accomplish amazing things.
  • A book to teach children about the heart.
  • All Nia wants is to have lots of friends and to be popular at her new middle school. After a make over and a social media account, everything changes. Suddenly, people are starting to notice her, and want to be her friends. She may be popular, but at the same time she's losing sight of who she really is-not to mention who her friends really are. Will she leave her old self behind or continue changing herself for attention? Author and illustrator, Faith W. is back with a story on why being yourself is the best gift of all.
  • A book to inspire people to support Feed My Starving Children, an organization that sends food to hungry children all over the world.

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