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  • This book has really awesome pictures I found on the internet. Enjoy :)
  • These are just some random pictures I found on the internet. I hope u like them! :)
  • This is Spikes second diary, when he has trouble with Terry. At school, there is a targeting test, will Spike win? Or will he be las place? Read to find out what happens with Spike!
  • Ashley is a girl who finds a book called “Dragon Doom” she gets teleported to a weird world filled with dragons. The king wants her to do a quest to save dragon world.Will she die when she does the quest? Or will she get to go home without any scratches? Find out in her first adventure! Continue onto her next adventure to find out what happens!
  • Ashley follows a map to the throne of the bad dragons, witnesses a conversation between the king and Brock, steals the pearl, escapes, and returns home.
  • This book is about a dinosaur named Spike. He has a friend named Bronto. Spike and his friend are trying to become a warrior... But they have to do a lot of work!
  • This is a diary of a bunny. He loves to adventure but his mother won't let him adventure.
  • This is another fun adventure for Hazel the husky! She accidently wanders into the big world of the giants,and She gets captured. Will she get back home? or will she be husky stew for the giants? Read to find out!
  • This book is about a husky that got teleported to an alien land, and she tries to find her way back home.
  • Fern the turtle goes on an adventure with her sister Aki, gets swallowed by a shark, joins a salmon journey, and reunites with her family.
  • This is for all the fans of ferns adventures! It's where Fern gets captured and thrown back out into the scary part of the ocean, where she meets a shark.
  • This is a story of a little turtle named Fern and her adventure. I hope you will like this story!

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