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  • This super amazing book is dark and very interesting. If you like similar stories, check out my other books including The Christian Dilemma, by Lighthouse Publishing, and The Rapture: God's Unwelcomed Wrath, by Christian Publishing House.
  • This enchanting book is sure to keep your attention. Join Christine on a life changing journey.
  • Gambill Archaeology showcases the best artifacts found by members of the Gambill family. Its author, Adam Gambill, is a history instructor at Three Rivers College in poplar bluff mo. This is his fourth book. His other works include The Christian Dilemma, The Rapture: God's Unwelcomed Wrath, and Mother Nature or Gods Wrath: Who Can Withstand It
  • Hello, my name is Gypsy Gum Drop. I'm sure you will enjoy reading about me.
  • The Yellow Pumpkin is about acceptance amid diversity. If you like this book, check out some of my others on StoryJumper. They are The Fire Angel, Grandma Willow's House, Dark Angel, and The Miracle of the Angry Old Buzzard.
  • Grandma Willow's house is an awesome take on Halloween. Join Frieda and Jon, along with their elderly grandmother for an adventure. If you like this story, you may also like The Fire Angel, Dark Angel, The Yellow Pumpkin, or The Miracle of the Angry Old Buzzard, also by me.
  • The Miracle of The Angry Old Buzzard is an excellent children's book. Join Milo, the main character, as he changes for the best by the end of the story.
  • This book is for all the magic lovers out there. Enjoy!

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