My Published Books (3)

  • Learn about where animals live, what they eat, small facts, and more!
    by River Lee
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  • Rose, Blaze, Amy, and Spirit embark on a quest to find Eclipse's castle. They encounter challenges, fight Eclipse, and escape. The story ends with a cliffhanger.
    by River Lee
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    Star Icon 65
  • Amy thinks the world is small, but she finds a crack through the border, the suddenly realizes that there’s much more she hasn’t seen. But the journey isn’t safe, Amy has o go through many a stables.
    by River Lee
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My Public / Unpublished Books (2)

  • RiverKit is destined to be leader but ahead lies a rocky path that may be hard to except and pass through but the past gets left behind and RiverKit darts along the path of time to be one of the great loyal leaders.
    by River Lee
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    Star Icon 7
  • You like Beyond 1 and 2? then you will really enjoy this!
    by River Lee
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    Star Icon 28

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