My Published Books (1)

  • Kirby is a detective and he has a case to solve about someone putting poison in cereal and he has a show about how he caught the criminal
    by Sebastian Magno
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    Star Icon 483

My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • Kirby and Sonic go on an adventure to find Hyness, a villain. They get beat up but then befriend one of the heroes.
    by Sebastian Magno
    Eye Icon 510
    Star Icon 63
  • This is my first book that I created on story jumper hope you enjoy!
    by Sebastian Magno
    Eye Icon 372
    Star Icon 47
  • Kirby, Sonic, and Hero have a party in Mario's castle when Giga Bowser attacks. Kirby defeats him and they discover Bowser's plan to defeat them.
    by Sebastian Magno
    Eye Icon 323
    Star Icon 47
  • Kirby gets sucked into a video game with Sonic and they must win an Olympic event to escape.
    by Sebastian Magno
    Eye Icon 246
    Star Icon 28
  • Kirby, determined to win a gold medal, faces challenges in a competition. Despite setbacks, he perseveres and is surprised to be declared the winner.
    by Sebastian Magno
    Eye Icon 263
    Star Icon 37

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