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  • Samantha is about to embark on a journey and doesn't even know it. She'll learn the importance of kindness, responsibility, and respect. Instead of her regular school day, Samantha notices her best friend, Izzy, is getting bullied. Suddenly, she feels something: Anger and determination mixed together. Samantha needs to say something, but what?
  • Shoutouts!
  • Here are 15 out-of-this-world facts about outer space! Enjoy!
  • Some interesting facts about me, complete with pictures. Enjoy!
  • Creating a journal is tricky - especially when you're new to the subject. Flip through these colorfully decorated pages to make sure you get the best of the best experience with you and your brand new journal!
  • The interactive book about an imaginary frightening monster, the Bamfire, not only leads a child on an adventure, but it also leads YOU. So open this funny and imaginative book, flip through its pages, and discover the magical world of 'There's a Monster in Your Book'.
  • Lilah is going to a new school and has no friends there. There is this girl named Sophia there. They're not friends...yet. With just one kind gesture, Sophia and Lilah's friendship soars like a rocket ship in outer space!

    Then, when an enemy turns out to be in Lilah's second grade class, what will Lilah do? Befriending enemies is hard, but Lilah isn't about to give up!

    Then there's the third grade. And the fourth. And even the fifth.

    Some real and some made up, this is truly the book to read!

    P.S.: I add a little more each day.
  • Earthy, the Earth, and Sunny, the Sun, meet each other and become best friends. While Sunny doubts herself, Earthy believes in her more than anybody. Will Sunny stick up for herself or is Earthy wrong? Read 'Earthy & Sunny: Best Friends' to find out!
  • Katy McCarthy aka Katy Catastrophe (as her friends call her because she's so catastrophic) is facing one of the hardest years in her life: sixth grade. Being a freshman in middle school isn't easy, especially when she has to figure out how to unstick a fearless kindergartener, throw up four times in the same day, and brake her ankle doing cartwheels. Is this catastrophe going to give up? NEVER! But how?
  • Do you ever get bored? Maybe you're at your house and you see nothing to do. Maybe you're at the doctor's office and there's nothing to look at. Maybe you're at an after-school activity and you just don't feel like doing it. This is a good book for you if you're feeling bored right now or if you know you're about to do something that might not be of interest. You can even read it just because you want to know what to do when you get bored!
  • This is a book on how to realize what you like and realize your opinion and stand up for it. You can meet yourself with this book! P.S.: This is my first book!

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