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  • This book humorously teaches kids, the benefits of eating healthy foods and junk foods.
    by Lynda Williams
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  • This simple but not-so-simple beautiful book expresses how young Melanated girls should feel about their hair, which comes in all different lengths, textures, and manageability. For so long, Melanated person's hair has not been considered the standard of beauty, and we have passed this nonsense down to our children for generations. But now we are beginning to inner stand, yes inner stand just how beautiful our hair is this book is just a contribution to this awakening for our younger generation.
    by Lynda Williams
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  • My book breaks down for kids the benefits of having melanin which gives them their skin tone, how it's like a superpower, the more you have, the better, why it is so awesome, and how to increase the benefits of their melanin within. All the while letting them know that the superheroes, seen on tv with superpowers that they too have superpowers within them. They just need to activate their melanin within
    by Lynda Williams
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