I graduated from college and found myself looking for more. Since I have been working with kids for 5 years between being a camp counselor and babysitting I developed a deep love for books and kids and this is my creation for black boys. Enjoy!

My Public Books

  • There will be more books to come to follow my instagram Melanatedgodbody96 Comments of all kind are welcome thank you for reading. dont miss out on my book release enjoy my work.
    by T James
  • this book is to help kids become self sufficient at learning a new language and to encourage them to read and learn more languages.Dont miss out on a chance to teach your children in a way that they would enjoy. follow my instagram for more resources @melanatedgodbody96 book featuring dr Sebi, dr Phil Valentine and many more stay tuned.
    by T James

My Collection - "Books I Like" Follow Collection

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