My Public Books

  • Mischievous and disobedient young Cuddles The Rabbit is chased about the garden of Mr. McGregor.
  • Timmy & Cosmo hatched a new friend named Wanda and both became best friends with her. What happens next? Read more to find out!
  • Trilly, a magical creature, saves a Pikachu from bullies and they become best friends. Trilly shows Pikachu her house and gives him his own computer.
  • Timmy hatched from the egg, received wings from a fairy, and started enjoying to fly. What happens next? Read more about this book!
  • Timmy hatches a new friend named Cosmo and became best friends with him. What happens next? Read more to find out!
  • Petunia and her friends go on an adventure to save a special egg, encountering various obstacles along the way.
  • Mason the deer loved springtime! He went on a walk by himself to see how beautiful it is. But when he went up a hill, he found 5 colorful eggs. He picked the pink one and he's curious of what's gonna hatch from the egg!
  • Various animals make their unique sounds, and the narrator greets people with 'Hello.'

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