Ayla Gray

Hey guys, it's Ayla Gray here. I love making children's stories with my favorite cartoons, such as Fairly OddParents, Happy Tree Friends, Ren & Stimpy, and furthermore!

Books by Ayla Gray

Books I Like

  • Timmy & Cosmo hatched a new friend named Wanda and both became best friends with her. What happens next? Read more to find out!
  • Trilly becomes best friend with Pikachu after rescuing him.
  • When Bob goes home he sees this game called: Baldi's basics in education and learning, and it takes him in and he has to find a way to get out!
  • This book is a list of safety tips provided by professional dog trainer, Dave McMahon. While the book was written for children, the tips are applicable to people of all ages. There are some excellent pictures provided by illustrator, Stacey Fox, that show what to do and not do around dogs. This book is always a fundraiser for a local organization called Niagara Dog Rescue. There are links in the book providing more information about Dave, Stacey, and how you can help the dog rescue.
  • Written for my young daughter (my 1st ever go at writing down a story!). I wanted the story to have the message of 'change is OK' as everyone experience changes as we grow.
  • This book is for children who may suffer from low self-esteem, behavior issues, and those who always feel discouraged. Sometimes all people need is ENCOURAGEMENT! Parents/teachers, be sure to always encourage your children/students, and tell them that if they work hard and have faith in themselves, they can accomplish great things in life. Take the time to ENCOURAGE someone today!
  • This book is for ENG101 at Illinois State University, breaking the genre of children's books.
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