My Public / Unpublished Books (8)

  • Can an earthquake mess up Steggie's birthday party? or will it?
    by Dinosaurs2
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  • Bronte and his friends go on an adventure to find their stolen egg. Along the way, they encounter various dinosaurs and overcome challenges. Will they be able to retrieve their egg and bring it back home?
    by Dinosaurs2
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  • Join Cera as she sees a Bunny and Hops in to in Sad and Fun Book.
    by Dinosaurs2
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  • Carson And Gigi Go On an Adventure to africa.
    by Dinosaurs2
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  • In the first book in the new series, three of the president's kids go to France, and have a big adventure.

    Ages 5-11
    by Dinosaurs2
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  • In is true story, Carson goes to Gigi's (that's what I call my grandma) house for a fun Christmas adventure!
    by Dinosaurs2
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  • Wanda the Which Sets Carson and Gigi On An Adventure in India/China (It's not finished yet, but you can see how it is so far). :)
    by Dinosaurs2
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  • Perry the Penguin celebrates his birthday with friends, overcomes swimming challenges, and saves Ben from danger.
    by Dinosaurs2
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