Eliana Knight, 9 years old, will be going into 5th grade this year. She likes to climb trees, build forts, and be outside. She loves to make mud sculptures and read Boxcar Children books. Eliana was so excited to write a book about Timmy Johnson because her Papa has told her Timmy Johnson stories since she was a little girl.

Books by ElianaRK

Books I Like

  • This is a story of overcoming bullies with teamwork and assertiveness. Though you may be afraid at first if you just stand up for yourself you will run evil away.
  • A chance encounter prompts Matthew, a friend of Charles, to telephone and guide Charles to page twelve of the day's newspaper. The newspaper has issued a challenge in the form of a mathematics competition. Investigating further, Charles learns that the mathematics competition is based on an obscure branch of mathematics. Speculation and intrigue abound as Charles employs his formidable skills with numbers. A most delightful, albeit swot territory romp, 1930s 1:12 scale.
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