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  • Harry is going to Disney World! This is a great book for ages 5-9. It is more understand if you're been to Disney World.

    This book was not made just for fun. It actually was a gift to my speech teacher. She was going to Disney World. Harry, the mascot of the place she worked decided to come too. Falling out of the car, Harry ended up at wilderness lodge. Harry didn't know what to do. He decided to wait for Mrs. Sarah to come back. He also wanted to have some fun while waiting, so he explored Disney World. It took five days for Mrs Sarah to get back. Once home, Harry wrote this book to tell Mrs. Sarah about his amazing trip. TRUE STORY.

    If you want to see more of my books, tap on my name. I also have other profiles too for different types of books. I'll tell you about them.... DibbyRocker: Books for ages 8-15 Mamabubble: Books for ages 2-5 Dinosaurs 2: Books for all ages.

    Search for those names to find other books of mine. Oh and MartyILoveyou books are mostly for ages 5-7.
  • Join Carson and Doug on an adventure to disney world.

    By (DougILoveyou)
  • Carson and his friends are going to see Walking with Dinosaurs. But what they don't know is that the movie is 8d! Join the fun in this great dinosaur adventure story.
  • Gek is a space ranger on a far away planet!!!

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