My Public / Unpublished Books (4)

  • Annabelle, a girl with powers, struggles to find a way to use them without getting famous. Her brother Timmy builds a time machine, but it crashes and Annabelle thinks he's dead. He survives and they reconcile.
    by MisaBean
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  • When Annabelle discovers she has a special power she can't decide what to do with it. In later books, her powers might come in handy!
    by MisaBean
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  • Simon has never known who he is. All he has from his past is a blue and red party hat. His past is a mystery to him. Will he ever know his past? His future will unravel that.
    by MisaBean
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  • The lonely book has never been checked out before. He is a sad book, a boring book. Will he always be that way?
    by MisaBean
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