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  • learn how to get ready for school/work
  • Read Izzy's Diary to know about Eric her true love and her mums broken ankle.
  • Eric is staying at Izzy's house for Christmas. Izzy is so excited. she can finally win over Eric's heart! Except for one thing. Angelica (Izzy's competition) Is staying too. She wants Eric as much as Izzy does. GAME ON! Who will win over Eric?
  • Jazzy is very jealous of her sister Kate and her friend Cassie. When Jazzy finds out that Kate has a new phone and a best friend that wants to have a sleepover with Kate she becomes very jealous and has a plan to stop it from happening...
  • The Monster near bear town is coming to eat everyone. The Power Squad needs to stop him before he eats the whole town... Big TwIsT! Big StOrY!
  • Somethings up with Eric and a doll runs across the floor will Isabelle find out whats behind this?

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