My Public Books

  • A child and their friends go to the village to buy a pool and bananas. They return home, have a sleepover, and swim in the pool.
  • i did not like that i put 2 pages in it

  • Barbie finds a baby deer in the forest and takes it home. They go to the park and return home to sleep.
  • Vanessa, a normal girl, encounters magic that transforms her into an evil queen. People devise a plan to turn her back to normal.
  • A young girl shares her experiences of making friends, showing love, being a good student, and her first day at school.
  • Miranda, a lonely girl, befriends a magical girl named Celest. They get lost in the forest and Miranda's trust unlocks Celest's magic. However, their friendship is tested when Celest becomes jealous of Miranda's beauty.
  • Amathys, a girl who loves unicorns, discovers a magical stone that transforms her into a unicorn princess. She embarks on an exciting adventure in the unicorn land.
  • A child shares their love for birds, zebras, tigers, and flamingos, along with some facts about tigers.
  • A short story about a child and their adorable puppy, who enjoys riding in the car and on a bike, but is scared of trolls.

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