My Public Books

  • A visit into Mrs. Falls "World."
    Mrs. Falls is the librarian for a PK-5 elementary school in the state of Washington.
  • A young child in Oklahoma experiences a thunderstorm and fears a tornado. They learn to count the seconds between lightning and thunder, and find comfort with their cat.
  • Two princesses, Daisy and Peach, are turned into a UFO and a Viking's raft by a wizard penguin. They have an adventure and eventually return to their normal selves.
  • Grace reflects on her time at school, expressing sadness about leaving and gratitude for the teachers. She also emphasizes the importance of education.
  • The story of Princess Daisy and Peach, twin princesses who were sent away by their captured parents and grew up in different lands. They eventually reunite and live happily ever after.
  • Snow White gets lost in the woods, finds a house, eats their food, and is taken back to the castle by two men.

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