My Public / Unpublished Books (12)

  • Anna and Amy love to bake.
    But it can become a hefty price.
    They needed a way to get money for ingredients, a bakery was the answer.
    Read to know more!
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • This book will help you understand a plants life and how fascinating it is.
    Make sure to like and comment, and make sure to read my other books!
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • Book 2 of Betty's adventure.
    Betty let her father wear the emblem, and he gets sucked out of the water. Betty switches lives with her father.
    How does she become human again?
    Find out!
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • This story is about a boy, who gets turned into an orange!
    See what adventures he has while being a fruit!
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • This is a story about a mermaid who just wants to feel the sand oof the beach.
    But will she go to attack the dragon, or become human?
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • This story is about a gang who was thinking: What to do today?
    Then a boy named Nick suggests they go to Dianas old house.
    Was it a good idea?
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • Never disturb Millie the monkey when she wants a snack.
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • Holly, a popular girl with a famous mom, befriends a British exchange student. They bond over basketball and Holly's mom gets a movie role in London, reuniting Holly with her friend.
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • Holly, a girl with a celebrity mother, gets a husky and later realizes she needs glasses. She picks out frames and goes home.
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • Hannah, a girl with bad luck, is visited by good luck fairies who make her day better. She experiences a day of good luck but it doesn't last.
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • Emma, a fourth grader, starts at a new school. She is guided by Sam, another student. Emma experiences various activities like breakfast, math class, and art class. The day ends with her going home, having dinner, and going to bed.
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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  • Holly, a popular girl with a celebrity mom, gets a dog named Danny. When a burglar comes, Danny saves the day.
    by Rhea_Kaushik
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