My Public Books

  • The story revolves around Isabella 'Bella' Marie Cullen, the protagonist of the Twilight Saga. It details her life from birth to becoming a vampire, her relationships, and her unique abilities.
  • The story provides a detailed biography of Hermione Granger, her role in the Harry Potter series, and her personal characteristics.
  • We shouldn't be judged for the way we look or dress. Whether we dress modestly or revealingly we don't want others to judge us for just that.
  • An informative book about feminism, its definition, importance, impact on society, and how to challenge gender roles.
  • The story revolves around Violet Baudelaire, the eldest of three siblings who are orphaned and face a series of unfortunate events. Violet is an intelligent inventor whose skills often save her and her siblings from perilous situations.
  • A description of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr, including how it is celebrated and the meaning of the greeting 'Eid Mubarak'.
  • This is a detailed biography of Luna Lovegood, a character from the Harry Potter series. It covers her early life, school years at Hogwarts, involvement in Dumbledore's Army, imprisonment by Death Eaters, and post-war career as a Magizoologist.
  • If you liked this make sure to check out "When you open a book" by Snowqueenelsa881
    What's your favorite book? Let me know in the comments
    Edit: The book I reccomended is now by Rayaandsisu881
  • "The Boy Who Lived"
  • How would you describe yourself? How would you answer these questions?
  • Aah! The "ABC's of..." books are so hard! It's hard deciding between a lot of people I like! Anyways, I hope you guys like this.
  • A collection of short descriptions of Disney characters, each starting with a letter of the alphabet.

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