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  • This is a story about 6 hamsters separated into two pet stores. The hammies are:

    Sora- Roborovski (My hamster)
    Olive- Roborovski
    Chip- Roborovski
    Rollie- Roborovski
    Turnip- Dwarf (My friend's hamster)
    Mochi- Dwarf

    Spoilers for Sequel
    We will be adding a guinea pig in the sequel!
    Another ham!
    Life at home!
    Visual Representation!

    Make sure to comment if you'd like a new one or if there's anything we should add or change! :)
    by Emma Granthon
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  • Who are you, FIND OUT!
    by Emma Granthon
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  • Firekit isn't only a scrawny kit but a much more powerful flame
    by Emma Granthon
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  • This is book one of Fox's tree
    Next book is soon!
    by Emma Granthon
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