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  • An exercise to practise the dative case (answering the questions wo?) and prepositions of place (only in, an, unter).
  • I grew up with this saying and looked at it every day. Unfortunately, the author is unknown, but it is a very good one.
  • For German learners who want to remember the prefixes that do NOT belong to separable verbs.
  • Eine Geschichte für Kinder (entweder sehr junge Kinder, zwischen 0-3 Jahre, oder für Kinder, die Deutsch als Fremdsprache lernen). In der Geschichte geht es darum, wie manchmal aus einem Missgeschick etwas ganz Neues und Gutes entstehen kann.

    This is a story in German aimed at young children or children who learn German as a foreign language (vocabulary: Colours, Fruit and Veggies, general expressions such as greetings, asking for things and expressing emotions and ideas).
    The story is about how a mistake can be turned into something positive and very nice....Germans love their potato salad :-)

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