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  • SpiffyPlayz is a wheat farmer whose only sole purpose is to enjoy and love life until one day a girl named WatermelonDart shows up, informing him that there is a plot to destroy the Overworld, starting from his village. When the duo team up and go to the village, they meet two people who were in trouble and save them. When Spiffy goes away to find more help a lady mugs him. Will they survive to stop the evil spirit or is the Overworld doomed to die? Find out in the first book of the Xox_WatermelonDart_xoX Series starring 'Xx_SpiffyPlayZ_xX' and 'Xox_WatermelonDart_xoX' And even better if you find the secret codeword and comment it down below, you will end up in one of SpiffyPlayZ dedications! Happy Reading! - Spiffy

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