My Public / Unpublished Books (6)

  • Blake is disappointed that the presents aren't there, but then Santa arrives. Blake calls his parents and they are surprised. Stay tuned for the next chapter!
    by Alex Pham
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  • Read this or else also this is my first book
    by Alex Pham
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  • by Alex Pham
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  • 7 people are invited but one of them died by @()(*)@*@()@ and @@*@*(@()@**@ the meeting has called to order. sorry for the late release it was suppose to be published on halloween but I can't. But here it is.
    by Alex Pham
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  • sorry if the volome is bad. Neon cat meme
    by Alex Pham
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  • you and 6 people get invited to a airplane party but there will be 2 imposters on the airplane what can go wrong
    by Alex Pham
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