My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • Kieran and his friend Lyla enjoy playing the game Roblox together, exploring different games within it.
    by Kieran Zebrowski
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  • Kieran, a boy who can fly and is a Nerf champion, fights aliens and a huge boss with the help of a talking and flying Nerf gun.
    by Kieran Zebrowski
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  • A Pumpkinhead named Bane traps a Supervillain named Bane and enlists the help of Kieran and Pancake to defeat Evil Robots.
    by Kieran Zebrowski
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  • A short story about the capabilities and potential of robots, encouraging readers to build their own.
    by Kieran Zebrowski
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  • Kieran and his cat Pancake get sucked into a portal and end up in space. They encounter their archnemesis, The Mega Dog 5000, and use a shrink ray to defeat him. They invite him to join their team and he agrees, changing his name to Chance.
    by Kieran Zebrowski
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