My Public Books

  • An informative book about Minecraft, covering various aspects such as gameplay, skills, items, and mobs.
  • Whiskers, a cat, wants to travel the world and befriends a dog named Max. They have many adventures together and encourage readers to go on their own adventures.
  • Hello, and welcome to the world of Sun Shine acadamy! Today, follow Whiskers and his friends on a one-of-a-kind journy through the seas!
  • Read this exciting book full of great examples for other kids made by a reguler child with a creative mind!
  • Cindy wakes up excited for her birthday but faces some challenges. Her friends surprise her, and she receives great presents, including a guitar and a doll. However, Tiffany almost misses the party but arrives in time, making it the best birthday present for Cindy.

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