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    by Jazmine Wilson
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  • Chevy, a dog, becomes pregnant and has puppies. Katie, her owner, takes care of them. Katie grows older and passes away, leaving her daughter Kiwi to take care of the dogs.
    by Jazmine Wilson
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  • Katie adopts Bowzer, a dog with scars. Bowzer goes to the vet and stays overnight. Chevy waits for him. Bowzer barks at the vet. Katie and Chevy take Bowzer home. A year later, Bowzer is healthy with fur.
    by Jazmine Wilson
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  • Chevy, a dog, befriends Bowzer, a stray. They start dating and plan to get married, but Chevy's ex-boyfriend is mad. Chevy's owner ends up adopting Bowzer.
    by Jazmine Wilson
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