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  • This is a story book of a character called Aapuji initially and then get famous as Baby Guy! It is a series book and this is 1st book of the series. Keep reading next book and series those are upcoming!
    by dsharma2016
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  • This is the 2nd book of the series of Baby Guy. It is a story book where Baby Guy rescue a plant. Enjoy reading it.
    by dsharma2016
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  • This is book about dear mom who inspires kids to be good, to do good and become a great human in their life. This book is a poem book, written in Hindi and English.
    by dsharma2016
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  • This is a story book about a truck and a bicycle who like to have a race and then come up with some interesting results at the end.
    by dsharma2016
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  • This is poem book about our solar system. All poems are limerick.
    by dsharma2016
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  • It is a team work of kids where you can find some good options of having after school healthy fun!
    by dsharma2016
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  • This book is written and illustrated by three kids who are trying to discover math facts. They are expressing their feelings and steps of leaning when they come up with hard math problems at the level when they are learning Multiplication & Division and have math problems those involve all of the math operations.
    by dsharma2016
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