My Public / Unpublished Books (9)

  • this is about a fairy called annabelle who tried to stop her friends to not keep they're pixie dust open or it will turn into evil dust can annabelle live happily ever after?
    by S.C Caparros
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  • find out what happens if mischa is hungry
    by S.C Caparros
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  • learn this yummy recipe.
    slice the apples or you will have to hold it by hand :)
    by S.C Caparros
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  • its going to be my birthday and my name is mischa this is my plans for my birthday and i can't stop thinking about mommy's carrot cake
    by S.C Caparros
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  • A story about a family of cats and their favorite foods, with a minor conflict involving a kitten and her snacks.
    by S.C Caparros
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  • A glimpse into the daily life of fairies in Fairyville, including their playtime, sleep schedule, wishes, and diet. The story also introduces Princess Angela, a fairy princess who is unhappy with her new life.
    by S.C Caparros
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  • This is about my best friend
    by S.C Caparros
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  • Princess Laura takes a math test to enter Imaginary Land. She answers questions correctly, impressing the questioner.
    by S.C Caparros
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  • this is about a male cat called ricky who lives in the galaxy catlin and his catship crashes and lands into a planet called SUNKITTLYN basiclly the Suneath in our galaxy has aliens that look like people and in catlin aliens look like cats
    by S.C Caparros
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