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  • A nervous student starts school and overcomes shyness with the help of a supportive teacher and new friends.
  • A young girl describes her cousin Ollie, a ballerina, and their future plans for ballet adventures together.
  • Sara, a farm girl from North Carolina, dreams of living in New York City. Through a series of events, she ends up there but realizes she misses home. With the help of a celebrity, she finds her way back.
  • When you purchase this book, all of the money will go to Charity.
  • The first thing I want to say is Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah! All the money from purchases will go to charity and kids that are disabled. It took 2 days to work on this, and the connection was going slow. I promised to have this done by Wednesday, and now it is by Tuesday. Here you go, enjoy!
  • Hello everyone book fan! If you have read my other Doggy Diary book, you will know about Puffy Fluffington. Now, you are learning about Buddie! Either way, I enjoy making these books for everyone. Please tell me what the name of the next dog or puppy should be! :)
  • A couple, Mariah and James, have a baby but face skepticism. Mariah dies after giving birth, leaving Lightning confused. Lightning also turns to dust at 100, teaching the moral of keeping secrets.
  • Polly, a kangaroo without a pouch, seeks help from various animals to carry her joey. After some mishaps, she receives a rainbow quilt from the zookeeper, solving her problem.
  • Cameron, a small girl, wants to join a music club but faces rejection. She eventually joins a choir and has a successful concert.
  • Daisy's best friend, Michie, is leaving the country. Daisy feels guilty but eventually finds a new friend, Anna. She then travels back in time to a mermaid world and meets the King who helps her return home. It turns out it was all just a dream.
  • Emily is excited to go trick-or-treating with the older kids for the first time. On Halloween, she encounters a suspicious girl and has an adventure with her sister and friends.
  • Puffy Fluffington, a dog, writes in his diary about his experiences with baths, his owner Kayla's moods, and their move to a new house.
  • please read!
  • Emma's journey to find her true passion leads her to soccer, with the help of her dog Sunshine.
  • Kristy and Layla celebrate Christmas, have breakfast, meet Santa, and save Christmas by finding the Christmas Spirit.
  • Lola, a girl from Tree Town, discovers Fairy Village but ultimately decides to return home. She learns to appreciate her own town.
  • In the Kingdom of Minty Water, a monster named Tremble terrorizes the snuggles and fairies. They come up with a plan to scare him away, but it backfires. With the help of Green Fairy and her friends, they finally get rid of Tremble and celebrate their vic

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