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  • In the poor part of the city, Urika lives a family of 5. A mother and four children. They are all poor and the worst time to be poor is during Christmas time. That means no gifts, no decorations, and they even don't have their father. How will the family go through Christmas?
  • Note: This pony does not live in ponyville(MLP reference). This is a diary of a pony who goes through (almost) all of the things humans go through. You know, Middle school, learning, drama, transformation-after-doing-something-incredible. The typical kind of stuff.
  • Korena is a young wolf who has to battle friendship, exile, and the choice to do the right thing.
  • For the world to know who were are and what to do. Never give up EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faria and her friends continue their journey. And they get a new partner that helps them dramatically.
  • This story is about a girl named Faria who goes on an extraordinary journey to save a colorful island from going all black and white(like the old days of television).
  • With a little help and some supporting spirit, anybody can do anything. Even fly.

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