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Books by hafsusu

  • this book is about a Monkey's Birthday which is a surprise!
    by hafsusu
  • This book is full of nursery rhymes for all those little children who dream to become a poet!
    by hafsusu
  • It's about an old horse who has to leave his home because he cannot work any more and is really miserable. A young, poor boy finds him in the woods while it is raining and takes him home and dries him and feeds him. They live happily ever after.
    by hafsusu
  • It's about three little sheep who live with their mother. One of them wanders off to find more food and finds a wonderful place.and then comes the adventurous part...
    by hafsusu

Books I Like

  • A children's book about treating others well.
  • He runs with animals in the forest, pilots an airplane, and rides a wild horse. This extraordinary little boy does not know that he is growing up to be a superhero.
  • a princess who dosen't want to be royalty she wants to be "NORMAL" and she relizes that you don't have to do something that you don't want to live with like in this situation Isabella decides to marry Will her true love
    by cmw18
  • Cleopatra finds a magic flute that whisks her to the land of fairy tales! She has to get home soon or she might run out of time.
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