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  • this is the type of book that you would like to not just read but listen to me read it! It is a really good book it is about a dog that has a mom, sister, and brother who gets dognapped and this little puppy named stella has to try to find them and rescue them, on her way trying to find her family, she comes along some tuff times and some hard challenges but she manages with the help of her new friends mick and Sara which if you read the book or even listen to it you will learn who they are. So make sure you give my book a shot and read it, because i think you'll like it
  • Hey guys this is Hannah, and i no it may look like a normal book but if you just take the time to read it you would think a little different.
  • This is a book about Hannah, and everything she likes.
    Read the book because I no you will like it.
  • If you do not no the words, or you just want to sing the song, then this is the book for you. If you no the tune and don't no the words then like I said this is the book for you. Btw If you no the song but don't no the words or the tune then you should look it up on youtube.com Hope you like the book. Btw if you have nothing good too say don't say it at all. Thanks again and hope you like my mom song book!
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  • It is about this granny that has to shut down the bakery but the kids save it by having a pet wash, and lemonade stand and get a enough money for the bakery and now she can have her bakery back.
  • A small bird house that has no birds who what to come in it. But her dad took care of it and in the end there is a is a bunch of birds there at the small bird house.

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