My Public / Unpublished Books (4)

  • A collection of short descriptions about various waterfowls, birds of prey, kingfishers, and flycatchers, providing information about their size, lifespan, diet, and other characteristics.
    by Celina & Ali Yassine
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  • This is an informative book about different breeds of dogs, providing details about their height, lifespan, color, and other interesting facts. It also includes a matching game and a quiz.
    by Celina & Ali Yassine
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  • by Celina & Ali Yassine
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  • A comparison of wolves and coyotes, including their characteristics, diet, speed, and lifespan. The story ends with a fight between a wolf and a coyote, with the wolf emerging as the winner.
    by Celina & Ali Yassine
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