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  • This is a fracture of Jack and the Beanstalk, but when Halumo, (the person who trades with Jack) offers Jack beans, he hates beans! So then Halumo decides to trade him with magic peas instead, but Jack's mother dosen't believe in magic. She does the same thing as in Jack and the Beanstalk. How will Jack keep his family from losing their house due to not paying taxes? If you want to know, you have the answer right here in this book. So if you want the answers, read this book NOW!
    by mlhamel
  • The rodent related to lemmings and voles... it's muskrats! Learn how they protect themselves, interesting facts, and other cool stuff!
    by mlhamel
  • Storycollection8 made a lyrics for "let it go" from the movie Frozen and I saw that she had some trouble with the text. For example, making words plural. So I decided to make my own one and fix the places where the text isn't correct.
    by mlhamel
  • Doodling for all ages. With not one, but TWO treasure maps! Arrrrrrrr!
    by mlhamel

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