My Public Books

  • ㅁAmong Us who will win? Imposters or crew mates?
  • A guide on how to tame various animals, including cats, wolves, pandas, horses, turtles, llamas, and parrots.
  • A cat named Millie becomes friends with a dinosaur and find a way back to each of their homes.
  • Jay, Tom, and Sara are part of a team of monster hunters. When the monster capture machine explodes, they must capture the escaped monsters. They split up and successfully defeat each monster. They are awarded a bravery trophy and look forward to their ne
  • A stray kitten, a homeless pit bull, and a lost husky form an unlikely friendship and find a new forever home with a kind woman named Jess.
  • In the cat and dog kingdoms, Queen Lilac and King Tobo argue and go to war, but eventually join forces and become unbeatable.
  • This is about a tiger who gets stuck in Minecraft! Can he make it out alive?
  • An alien tries to save his home from the Evil Doom!
  • A cat named Pommie and a cat named Plum both team up to find their homes.

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