My Public / Unpublished Books (6)

  • A man named Asuto takes a picture of his dog making a strange face, which becomes the popular Doge meme. The story discusses the origin, popularity, and demise of the meme.
    by Sandra Rincon
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  • by Sandra Rincon
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  • John builds a house for his daughter Victoria, using the best materials. The house withstands a tornado, teaching Victoria a lesson about confidence and faith.
    by Sandra Rincon
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  • Mike, a special child with big dreams, faces teasing from his friends. With his mother's encouragement, he learns to be a light in the midst of darkness and helps a bully find acceptance.
    by Sandra Rincon
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  • Tom, a strong and intelligent rhino, learns the importance of asking for help when he gets stuck and dirty. He realizes that it's not a sign of weakness but of courage.
    by Sandra Rincon
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  • Zac, a young alien, disguises himself to play with Earth kids but learns that being himself is the best way to make friends.
    by Sandra Rincon
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