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  • Hey friends! I hope that u'll all enjoy this book.This book is nice telling about a girl who wants to reach to the dept of her dreams after meeting a boy named Erik. Where she had a lot of exciting and interesting journeys. I hope u'll find it good.

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  • Hey friends! I want U all to give your views that "WILL PETER EVER COME BACK?"
  • The Secret Cave is one of my favorite book written just like the books "John's Fearful Night" and "Princess Alanor".I love this book because I wrote it with my personal interest and I have written it an adventurous and fanastic and thrilling story. Hope that u'll find this interesting after reading.:-)
  • This is the royal fiction book. Before you'll going to read this book so you'll think that it might a real one but its not. I just made it mentally and after reading you'll enjoy I hope so
  • As the dragon draws nearer, the smoke files out of his nostrils. One by one by one. It’s a few yards away now. That was my cue. I draw my sword from my belt. It is shining silver. I’ve never seen it shine like this before. I start sprinting towards the dragon. That's when it happens. The smoke turns to flames.
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  • 1785
  • Chocolate-loving "Puggy" gets into mischief following his owner Neil Armstrong to work, and sneaking into the rocket that takes him all the way to the moon!
  • Battle field is a mesmerizing, breathtaking treat for imagination.
    "Ahmed is desperate to rescue his father from some gangster type king. Finally he succeeds with a great lose. A lose of dark mystery. what is it? How did it happened? Why he is still unhappy? WHAT WAS IT?????"
  • Hey everyone! Here's my book. Its really interesting telling about a boy named John who realizes that this whole story was his dream only. Thank you!
  • Hi! friends this is my 4th book that I've written. Its an amazing and a really scary book. This book is based on some Indian horror movies background but don't worry just read it and I hope that u'll love it alot. Waiting for ur replies.:-)
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