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  • Description: Who really was Walt Disney? Read this book to find out! It has great information about his childhood, careers, homes he has lived in, and, most importantly, his life while in the making of Disneyland. Also, this book is great for book reports and biography's if needed at school. Enjoy and I hope you learn something if you decide to read it. Thanks everyone! Please like and follow me on Facebook and subscribe on Youtube! Also, comment something nice if you like it!!

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  • He runs with animals in the forest, pilots an airplane, and rides a wild horse. This extraordinary little boy does not know that he is growing up to be a superhero.
  • Even children deal with jealousy. We must teach children to never allow jealousy to destroy friendship. Jealousy is a bad feeling, and there is no need to be jealous of anyone. Parents and teachers, please teach your children or students the value of true friendship.
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