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  • This book is about Lucy's social life. She is popular, has a lot of friends, a best friend and a boyfriend who is in England. But she also includes a stupid asshole called Jase who's in love with Lucy. Surprises in the author's life are what gave the him imagination for this book, because it is based in the author's life.
    by zdthml
  • This is a fairy tale that wasn't told, because it is a different kind of fairy tale.
    Two childs have opposite money, but the same match of love.
    by zdthml
  • Based on the author's life.
    Miguel is a "different" boy. He doesn't like to play football, doesn't like violence and plays with girls. Not a problem, right? Some older people think there IS a problem and don't accept Miguel the way he is. Do you want to hear the whole story?
    by zdthml

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