My Public / Unpublished Books (9)

  • "The Butterfly Life Cycle" teaches kids about The Butterfly Life Cycle.
    by Jenna910
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  • Princess Livi and Princess Rachel have different interests but love each other. When Rachel gets lost in the forest, Livi and her family search for her. They find her living on her own and bring her back to the castle. Rachel later sneaks in and redecorat
    by Jenna910
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  • The world of Funnieness!! Ha Ha Ha!!!
    by Jenna910
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  • Just 'cause one one pumpkin farted in bed means many things. If you want to know these things read this awesome book right here!
    by Jenna910
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  • It's about this man who won a fart contest and sees how winning a contest can change your life.
    by Jenna910
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  • This is for printing porpoises.
    by Jenna910
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  • The Story Called JennaVille Is Talking About A Made Up Town In The Middle Of Montana
    by Jenna910
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  • by Jenna910
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  • A collection of reading and math questions, grammar exercises, and a free food offer at a shop.
    by Jenna910
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