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  • Do you like dogs?

    If yes, hope you enjoy my book
    by Maisie Yates
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  • A princess discovers a magical woodland where she befriends Lavender, a dormouse who runs a cafe. The princess embarks on a quest to find rare flowers and nature things in order to earn a golden ticket.
    by Maisie Yates
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  • Buttercup, Holly, Daffodil and Strawberry has nice and healthy seasonal jobs for fairy wood, but the Bad Fairy messes up all of their seasonal jobs and all the fairies get very poorly (Mia Meadows also gets poorly as she is the fairy friend's friend). The Bad Fairy has to put a stop but in the end Millie and the rest of the fairies save the fairy friends by catapulting the Bad Fairy into a new fairy wood and she drop her wand while flying away and saves the fairy wood! HORAY!

    They lived happily ever after!
    by Maisie Yates
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