My Public / Unpublished Books (7)

  • This is book two and it seems like Allie's life is just getting worse. Even more so when the family goes to Aunt Peacha!
    by Science_Worm
  • It seems like Allie already knows how horrible it would be if she goes on the road trip. She just doesn't want to stay home. Oops! Not at all the right thing to do.
    by Science_Worm
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  • Leon has a rat problem and comes up with a clever solution to get rid of them.
    by Science_Worm
  • Lily's first day of school is ruined by bullies, but she learns to seek help and make friends.
    by Science_Worm
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  • It's about a fox that is foolish, as you may see from the title. He never listens to anything anyone says. One day a Lion friend of his said, "There will be a meeting tomorrow." Read this book to know more!
    by Science_Worm
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  • This story is about a little girl that breaks whatever she lays her hands on until she gets captured. Read this book to find out what happened next! And enjoy!
    by Science_Worm
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  • Hello! My name is Kristina. This book is about a girl finding Barky. I don't want to give too much away, so read the book so you know!
    by Science_Worm
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