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  • Hi, this book is now audible! This story is about a Wolf named Winston, who learns the value of friendship and courage. A war suddenly destroys his new hopes of peace. He and his newfound friend, Sun Lily, travel far and wide searching for an end to the war, and Winston learns the true meaning of friendship in the process.
    by Gracie Ella
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  • Hi, please read Part One of this book, titled, "The Wolf and Sun Lily" first, if you haven't already! This book is about Winston the Wolf and his human companion, Sun Lily. They suddenly find that everything is not as it seems. Old friends seem to now be enemies, and they find themselves unable to trust. Will Winston and Sun Lily be able to conquer a mysterious new enemy as well as lies and pride?
    by Gracie Ella
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  • Do you feel empty? Do you feel like you don't know how to get true joy? READ THIS BOOK!
    by Gracie Ella
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  • After seven months, the book is finally here! I'm sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoy it!
    by Gracie Ella
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  • The Life of Maxie #1. Maxie Faces Her Fears

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  • The Wolf and Sun Lilly The Wolf and Sun Lily Series #1

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My Collection - "Books I Like" Follow Collection

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