My Public Books

  • Do you ever have mixed emotions? Well, this is the book for you! Help Juliet discover her emotions!!!
  • Ready to learn your ABC's? Well, this is the book for you!! (:
  • Come join Ricky in the WILD WILD WEST! Go on adventures to find his horse Sasha! Will he find Sasha? read the story to find out.:)
  • Come on lets go with Trinity on a adventure to defeat the TERRIBLE dragon. But did the dragon turn out to be terrible? read on to find out!...
  • In a city not far from here, someone was caught stealing diamonds from the museum! Will you help Professer Thinks-a-lot and Sidekick Smarty-pants figure out who committed the crime and bring them to justice?
  • A collection of short poems about different adventures, including playing in the woods, meeting mermaids, encountering fairies, being a princess, and experiencing teamwork.
  • A dinosaur named Rex goes on a journey to find a friend and his family, eventually finding both and their perfect home.

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