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  • Leah and Lacey are best friends. Or at least that's what Lacey thought. When something bad happens at the school disco, Lacey finds out that Leah isn't as true as a friend as she thought she was. Will they become best friends forever? Or best friends for never?
  • ``Me and Nate are lost. Great. Just great´´
    Lacey and Nate are lost in the jungle. There might be lions or tigers or bears. All kinds of creatures! Their ship is about to sink and need to get back FAST! Oh yeah, they are also pirates. Did I mention that?
  • Lacey and Nate are petrified when they discover a lion stalking their tent. The lion is big, scary, strong and terrifying! It's definitely not their Gra-oops, I have said too much. Read the story to find out what happens!!

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