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  • Dietrich had a future - with a wealthy father and respected family, he was pampered and loved his rich life. But he soon found himself dropped off at a cruel monastery with no allies. Alone, Dietrich learns to cope with the strict ways of his new life even through the most feared plague ever to exist - The Black Death.

    Placed in the Middle Ages, Whisper in a Storm has over 600 facts about life in the daily life of a boy in the time of the Plague. Filled with drama and information, this book is historical fiction novel.
  • This story is about a young mother, Semira, who gets sent to a concentration camp during World War II.
  • In this book I will be giving a guide to girls on how to survive getting glasses, complete with tips and tricks by a lass with experience.
  • Share the adventures with Julia and Trixie, as they enjoy both struggles and holidays!
  • This book is filled with the word of life, with assurance of our confidence in what we do not believe. Read the voice of Jesus Christ, and his companions.
  • Sea Turtles are amazing creatures! But what will happen if they become extinct?
  • Rose was raised in an orphanage for boys. When she finds the shocking truth that she's the hidden princess Aurora, can Rose handle everything, and when she pricks her finger, will she find the write man?
  • Indroucing the Halloween Special: A Bootiful Night! Find fun crafts recipes, and the truth of Halloween!
  • Need help on an animal report? Read this book! Filled with excitement from all over the animal kingdom, this is what you need! It is also fun for entertainment! So don't just stand there! Read it!
  • When Queen honey suffers through tragedy, she meets Snow White's father. Honey loves Snow from the start, but will a accident break their bond?
  • The Realm is full of Mystic and magic - and Unicorns! But Sybereiad wants to use their horns for evil, not good. Can Julie, the human girl, help the unicorns fight Sybereiad in her new form? Or will she just need a little help being saved herself?
  • Everyone knows the Disney version of sleeping Beauty. But do we know the true story? Find out what happens to Aurora, the maiden of beauty and grace, and how she awakens.
  • Foxx is a greedy, selfish, lazy fox. He has no friends, and hates when people spell his name wrong. This book is full of laughter at some of his mistakes, and it is sure to make you laugh away!
  • Under special request, I present Ha Ha Jokes! Full of laughs, it will bring joy to your day! From Frozen to Sports, from animals to flowers, no matter what joke you read, it will crack you up!
  • Mermaids are fascinating creatures! Find out all the secrets, and hidden facts in the book!
  • The COURAGE COMES FIRST series is created to fit your liking. It has a boy or girl, any age to fourteen, and their childhood back then!

    Fourteen year old Raven is the leader of the Eagles gang. Can he get out of the the mess he is already in, and will three deaths overcome his kind spirit?
  • The COURAGE COMES FIRST series is created to fit your liking. It has a boy or girl, any age to fourteen, and their childhood back then!

    Nine year old Laura loves her life! But when her father is called to fight in the Great World War ll, Laura is left to care for her ill mother, and baby brother. Will she manage, and will her father ever return?

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