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  • Image of Odelia Knaebel
    Odelia Knaebel 
    Odelia is excited to debut her first original story, "The Only Brown Cow on the Farm". She enjoys spending time with her family and going on adventures, which is what inspires her writing.
  • Image of Maliya Glover
    Maliya Glover 
    Maliya is excited to publish her first book! She wants to share her experience of losing a sibling so that other kids, who have experienced the same thing, can know they are not alone. She also wrote the book for her little brother, Isaiah. Maliya wants Isaiah to know all about his middle sister, Isla. Maliya is a multi-talented 3rd grader. She is a Cross-Country All-American and is a red belt in karate. She excels in competitive soccer and academics. Maliya also works as a model and actress.
  • Image of Lily Swinehart
    Lily Swinehart 
    Lily Swinehart is a student at Classical Charter Schools of America in North Carolina. She is a friend to animals and loves nature. She is excited to see where her writing and illustrating books journey takes her.
  • Image of Alessandra Chapman
    Alessandra Chapman 
    Alessandra is an inventor, scientist, author, artist and naturalist who loves combining all of her passions to help others learn.
  • Image of Daniel Samaan
    Daniel Samaan 
    Daniel Samaan is a 6th grade student at Smith Middle School in Cypress, Texas. He enjoys playing Mario games, reading books, and writing books. He made this book to share his understanding of the Super Mario Bros. movie. But whatever you do… don’t forget to leave a like!
  • Image of Tucker Schriner
    Tucker Schriner 
    Hi I’m Tucker! I live in Michigan and love writing, reading, and playing baseball. Thanks for reading my work. I hope to publish many more books in the near future.
  • Image of Lani Mutatina
    Lani Mutatina 
    Lani is an elementary school student in North Carolina. She likes to explore different stuff in her free time.
  • Image of Samuel Bopp
    Samuel Bopp 
    Samuel is a student from Keenan Elementary in Montgomery, Texas. He is a soccer player and he really likes playing Mario. Samuel believes in God.
  • Image of Joy  Carter
    Joy Carter 
    Joy Carter is a Junior in high school from Arizona. She is passionate about giving speeches to teach others about African American history.
  • Image of Yuuki Pakdee
    Yuuki Pakdee 
    Yuuki Wakaba Pakdee is a 4th grader who loves to write and read. She has made many other books so far such as "Charles the Old Sewing Machine" and "Mystery of Atlantis". She hopes everyone reads her books and enjoys them.
  • Image of Harrison Paul Rocchini
    Harrison Paul Rocchini 
    Harrison Paul Rocchini is 7-and-3/4-years old. He loves playing basketball, football, and every sport really (except for soccer). He is a green belt in taekwondo. Additionally, he learned to solve a Rubik’s cube when he was 7 and a half. His fastest solve is 47 seconds. He has an older sister named Emma and a dog named Rosie. In addition to Emma and Rosie, he also lives with his mom and dad.
  • Image of Kaley Ruff
    Kaley Ruff 
    Kaley is an aspiring author from the Midwest. She has an avid love for reading and writing books.
  • Image of Sharva Rakesh
    Sharva Rakesh 
    Sharva is a student from California. He enjoys experimenting in several subjects and he follows his passions wherever they lead. In addition to creating books, he builds Legos and operates a YouTube channel. He is an avid Minecraft player.
  • Image of Ignacio  Ventura Gómez
    Ignacio Ventura Gómez 
    Ignacio is a student at Valor Global Online School. He enjoys helping little kids, taking care of the environment, and loves animals. He hopes to inspire little kids to be kind to one another.
  • Image of Bryan Mai
    Bryan Mai 
    Bryan Mai is an author pursuing his dream of becoming a published author.
  • Image of Jello Keeton
    Jello Keeton 
    Jello Keeton is a student at EBI Elementary School in Emeryville, CA. She loves to read and write and loves fantasy and animals.
  • Image of Sara Roychand
    Sara Roychand 
    Sara Roychand is a primary school student. She was in grade 3 when she wrote this book. She has a passion for arts and crafts. She loves to write stories and share them with people.
  • Image of Ryan Laine
    Ryan Laine 
    Ryan Laine is a 7th grader at Longsjo Elementary School in Fitchburg, MA. He loves writing books and playing basketball, soccer, and video games. He and his brother, Luke, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He wants to bring awareness about autism to others and share his creativity.
  • Image of Makayla Labbe
    Makayla Labbe 
    Hi, I am Makayla Labbe. I made this book because I came up with the idea and thought it would be fun to create. I hope you enjoy my book.
  • Image of Jack Granillo
    Jack Granillo 
    Jack Granillo is 8 years old and is a 2nd grade student at Cochise Elementary School in Scottsdale, Arizona. He enjoys all things animals, football, art, basketball, writing, and soccer! He hopes to inspire other kids to love animals and soccer.
  • Image of Phoenix Kokroko
    Phoenix Kokroko 
    Phoenix is a warrior student of Kamali Academy. This book began as a class project and is now expanding into infinity and beyond!!!
  • Image of Marie  Dinishenskiy
    Marie Dinishenskiy 
    Marie Dinishenskiy is in 6th grade and lives in Mequon, Wisconsin. She enjoys reading and writing stories. Also, she gets inspiration from the musical instruments she plays for her books. She hopes you enjoy reading her stories. So far she has posted "Central Park Craziness" (a true story) and "Lola the Fairy" (a fictional story).
  • Image of Ève Fecteau
    Ève Fecteau 
    Ève Fecteau, 10 ans Québec, Canada
  • Image of Hasti Ghamarzad
    Hasti Ghamarzad 
    Hasti is a student at WGT primary school in Vienna, Austria. She published her first book when she was 6 years old and hopes to inspire others to spread kindness.
  • Image of Jonas Sellberg
    Jonas Sellberg 
    I am a student at Andover Kansas in ECademy. I am in 8th grade and my social studies teacher is Mrs. Melander. I love history and science and many other things. I will someday be a pilot and definitely a doctor. I hope you enjoy my book.
  • Image of Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 
    Jesse Smith is 9 years old and in 4th grade. He lives on a horse ranch with his older brother, mom, and dad in Tollhouse, CA. While not writing, he enjoys playing games with his family.
  • Image of Anju Vijay Anand
    Anju Vijay Anand 
    Anju loves birds and writing books. She has written and published many books. "The Man Who Loved Ducks" is her first book. She is always creating new books everyday. Anju likes cats and running around. She is always inspired by her elder sister to write and draw more books on her own.
  • Image of Izzy Hardus-Lameira
    Izzy Hardus-Lameira 
    Hi - my name is Izzy! I am 9 and live in Warwick. I love writing and ‘You cannot judge a book by its cover’ was a very big step and I did it!!!! I hope you like it too!
  • Image of Isaac  Urzua-Tlapa
    Isaac Urzua-Tlapa 
    Isaac Urzua is a student at FLVS Elementary School. He is a 2nd grader. He loves to write about his adventures. This book is his favorite book. Enjoy it!
  • Image of Alex Pitts
    Alex Pitts 
    Alex Pitts is a 6th grade student at King's Academy In Houston, Texas. He enjoys web design and providing technical support to family members and friends.
  • Image of Sophia  Tang
    Sophia Tang 
    Sophia Tang is a kindergarten student who loves reading and writing. She wrote this funny story book and drew the pictures all by herself. She loves sharing her story with everyone.
  • Image of Alistair Baberadt-Bernal
    Alistair Baberadt-Bernal 
    Alistair is a student at the Polaris Charter School in Manchester, NH. He loves all things related to science and is planning on being a science teacher. His book, "The Three Cheetah Swifts" is a retelling of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", from the perspective of "real" cheetahs.
  • Image of Hadley Carson
    Hadley Carson 
    Hadley is a kind girl who loves to read and write. She loves scary books the most and that’s why she wrote this book!
  • Image of Trey James
    Trey James 
    Trey James is student at Saint Joseph and John School. He likes reading, sports, and school. He likes making books about sports and a lot of other topics, too. He makes books to increase the love of reading and learning.
  • Image of Danielle Harris
    Danielle Harris 
    Danielle is a 4th grade student who loves writing stories, especially spooky stories around Halloween. Danielle was also inspired by her teacher last year. In addition to writing, Danielle plays competitive ice hockey and is in her 2nd year of piano classes.
  • Image of Kaylan  Olowo
    Kaylan Olowo 
    Kaylan Olowo is a student at St. Philip Elementary School in Saskatoon, Canada. He is in Grade 6 and loves to participate in school band, cross country, and track & field events. He enjoys playing with his two younger brothers, Nathan and Ethan. In his spare time he likes to read books, play games, and watch television. He hopes this book will inspire other people to write their own stories.
  • Image of Daron Thomas Jr.
    Daron Thomas Jr. 
    This book is about a kid whose name is special and he wanted to make the world a better place for everyone.
  • Image of Natalie Hertlein
    Natalie Hertlein 
    Natalie Hertlein wrote her first version of "The Adventures of Goldie and Rosie" when she was 7 years old. She loves to write! She is eleven years old and also loves to play basketball, hang out with her friends, and go the beach.
  • Image of Evan Rios
    Evan Rios 
    Evan Rios is a happy kid with a loving and encouraging family. Evan is 9 years old and will turn 10 this month. Evan is still writing books and is excited for you to read them as well.
  • Image of Tracie  Samuel
    Tracie Samuel 
    Tracie Samuel is a student at Taawila Elementary School in Southern California. She loves reading books, which inspired her to write her own. She also enjoys singing and listening to music. A kind and determined person, she is always striving for success.
  • Image of Landon Tucker
    Landon Tucker 
    Landon is in 3rd grade and excited about publishing his first book. He has already written another eight books and is looking forward to many more. He loves dogs and hopes to be a vet one day.
  • Image of Cheuk Him Lo
    Cheuk Him Lo 
    Hi, I am Cheuk Him Lo! I'm an 11 year old pupil in ICQM, and I'm a Christian. I love making cute animal stories, Minecraft books, funny books, and fantasy interactive books! I have a good brother and a few awesome friends including Samuel and Brandon! I made lots of books with Brandon. I like playing the Rubik’s cube and the guitar!
  • Image of Molly Murphy
    Molly Murphy 
    My name is Molly Murphy and I'm 10 years old. After reading "We are all Greta" by Valentina Giannella, I really thought about how I could make a difference. So, I decided to write this book and I hope you're just as inspired as I was. I have a dream that together we will live in a better world.
  • Image of Maria Corrigan
    Maria Corrigan 
    I really like drawing, reading, sometimes playing video games, but best of all writing. I wrote "Friendship With Three" when I was about 7, then wrote "Tanya and The Land Of Fantasy" a couple of years later. Then I put it on StoryJumper years later along with others.
  • Image of Adin Hadzic
    Adin Hadzic 
    Adin Hadzic is a 4th grader from Georgia. He is 9 years old. He loves to play soccer with his friends and he really loves history.
  • Image of Elijah Stewart
    Elijah Stewart 
    Elijah Stewart is in 2nd grade and lives in Plano, Texas. He enjoys playing Minecraft and playing games with his mom and dad. He likes watching movies on Saturdays and his favorite dessert is Oreos.
  • Image of Asher Peddle
    Asher Peddle 
    Asher is a 7 year old boy from Newfoundland, Canada. He loves to write stories and hopes to be the best chef ever when he grows up. He hopes you enjoy his stories!
  • Image of Gayathri Pisharody
    Gayathri Pisharody 
    Gayathri Pisharody is a 3rd grader at Thoreau Elementary School in Concord, MA. She loves reading, listening to stories, and playing with her little brother. This is her first book!
  • Image of Libby  Bergsten
    Libby Bergsten 
    Libby Bergsten is a student at Triplains in Winona, Kansas. She enjoys doing stuff at school, dancing, reading, and hanging out with her family and friends. She also hopes to inspire others to use kindness and friendship.
  • Image of Julia Kelley
    Julia Kelley 
    Julia is a 10-year-old student at Box Springs Elementary School in Moreno Valley. She loves to make story books and explore. She wants kids to know that anyone can write a book with a little imagination and looking up facts. She hopes that one day she can spread the word about how fun it is to write a book.
  • Image of Krishan  M.
    Krishan M. 
    Krishan is a student at African-Centered Preparatory Middle School in Kansas City, Missouri. She plays basketball for AC Prep. Krishan writes to inspire others as she has been inspired by her father, Producer 9-0, to be the best she can be.
  • Image of Makenna Lee
    Makenna Lee 
    Makenna is 12 years old and enjoys reading, writing, playing softball, and playing piano. She lives near the coast in Wilmington, NC, where she enjoys spending time with her family and pets.
  • Image of Eros  Ahmeti
    Eros Ahmeti 
    Eros is a bright and creative student in New Jersey. He enjoys drawing comics and reading comic books. The world better watch out, because the next comic book author is coming your way!
  • Image of Zachary  Scott
    Zachary Scott 
    Zachary Scott is a student at Holy Trinity High School in Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Image of Jaxon Fuhrman
    Jaxon Fuhrman 
    Jaxon Fuhrman is a student in Northern Wisconsin. He enjoys the outdoors, being involved in his community through sports and different groups like 4-H. He also loves hanging out with his friends and playing video games. Jaxon hopes to inspire other kids to write and publish their own books.
  • Image of Duke  Martin
    Duke Martin 
    Duke Martin is the author of this book. He lives with his sister Sadie and two parents, Rob and Erin. They have a 66 year old girl named Gigi. Duke is an author of around 30 books.
  • Image of Krishna Smith
    Krishna Smith 
    Krishna Smith is from West Deptford, NJ. She has a passion for learning and enjoys reading, math, and science. She is very big about helping others exceed academically, physically, and mentally. She plans to show children how important manners are. She enjoyed making this book and plans to make many more.
  • Image of Addy Brown
    Addy Brown 
    Addy Brown is in 3rd grade. She enjoys playing soccer, spending time with her blood hound buddy, and playing Roblox with her friends. She loves Taylor Swift, writing songs and books, and spreading the love of reading with others!
  • Image of Katie Marsh
    Katie Marsh 
    My name is Katie. I am 8 years old and live in Indiana. I love my cat and dog. I hope to be a private investigator when I grow up.
    Nirali is a 2nd grade student at Pearson Academy. She is a little storyteller and adds a lot of dramatic elements to her stories. She wishes to be an author and illustrator when she grows up. She also wants to spread kindness around the world. No one should ever be sad.
  • Image of Adrian Darby
    Adrian Darby 
    Adrian is a student at McNair Elementary School in St Louis, Missouri. He enjoys making books, video games, and reading. He hopes to inspire others to spread kindness.
  • Image of Jacob Ingram
    Jacob Ingram 
    Jacob Ingram is a student at Kitty Hawk Middle School. He enjoys soccer and Playstation.
  • Image of Brelyn  Watkins
    Brelyn Watkins 
    Brelyn is an adventurous girl who loves water tubing in local lakes during the summer and snow tubing on rare snowy days in the winter. She has a passion for creating new stories, artwork, and songs. Brelyn wrote this story when she was eight years old.
  • Image of Haaris Mahmud
    Haaris Mahmud 
    Haaris Mahmud is a 2nd grader in IB world school. He lives in Allen, Texas and likes to create books all day. Right now, Haaris is almost 8 years old.
  • Image of Alazne Gardu
    Alazne Gardu 
    Alazne lives in Spain and she loves writing. This book is dedicated to her best friend, Arlet.
  • Image of Leeyondre Elvoid
    Leeyondre Elvoid 
    I was inspired by Dav Pilkey and Jeff Kinney. I love their books and the more I read, the more I was inspired to become an author illustrator. I've been working on my cartooning skills and I get better everyday.
  • Image of Anthony  Davis
    Anthony Davis 
    Anthony is a 10 year old student from Elk Grove, CA with a passion for writing! He also loves video games and creating animation with his friends in his free time. Please enjoy Anthony’s first book "Five Nights at Freddy’s"!
  • Image of Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 
    Michael Harris is spirited student at Kirby Middle School in Universal City, Texas. He is involved in activities within his community. He participates in theatre arts and enjoys playing sports.
  • Image of Daemon Lashley
    Daemon Lashley 
    My name is Daemon Lashley and I love to write books. I want to become an author so I can share my books with the world. I have made a lot of more books than this one but this is the one I picked. That is why I wanted to become an author.
  • Image of Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 
    Anthony Smith is a student at Lacoste Elementary in San Antonio, Texas. He enjoys reading, playing games, and doing math. He wants to inspire people around him to recycle to protect our planet.
  • Image of Nayna  Rao
    Nayna Rao 
    Nayna is a 3rd grader at Arbor Montessori in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves reading, writing, playing tennis, and piano.
  • Image of Jackson Bell
    Jackson Bell 
    Jackson Bell is a student at Riderwood Elementary School in Maryland. He has written other StoryJumper books such as: "My Rich Mom", "Love Never Ends", and "The Uncontrolled Book". He wants everyone on StoryJumper to get creative in their books to show what they can do. His goal is to spread kindness and inspire others to whatever is possible to them and others.
  • Image of Presley Miller
    Presley Miller 
    I’ve loved books for years so I thought if I made my own book it would inspire people to love reading, too. Hope you enjoy the book!
  • Image of Harper Szafran
    Harper Szafran 
    Harper is a seven year old student at Tamarron Elementary School in Katy, TX. She loves unicorns and food. She has a vivid imagination for storytelling and loves animals. Harper loves her puppy and the story of his adoption.
  • Image of Margot Linde
    Margot Linde 
    Margot Linde is a girl who loves to write. She also participates in an AWESOME chicken club, an AMAZING classroom, and a BEAUTIFUL chicken flock. She enjoys playing her flute and hanging out with friends. She hopes that the love in her stories will always be with you.
  • Image of Elias Kuhn
    Elias Kuhn 
    Elias Kuhn is a student at Roosevelt Elementary School. He likes sports and tagging games in P.E. He is really creative. He likes playing with his friends. His favorite fast food restaurant is McDonald's. He is really nice and funny. His favorite animal is a goat.
  • Image of Dante Olivo
    Dante Olivo 
    My name is Dante Olivo. I'm 10 years old and I go to Hudson Country Montessori School. I live in White Plains, New York. I have two cats named Tater and Tot. I also have 7 chickens and a pond full of fish. I have been wanting to write "Space Adventures" for a long time. Now I can because I found out about StoryJumper. I really enjoy StoryJumper because I can write all my stories here, publish them, and get them even as a real book. I hope you guys enjoy my books, too!
  • Image of Frank De Connick
    Frank De Connick 
    Frank is in 4th grade. He loves to play video games, make books, cook, and play basketball.
  • Image of Zeeshan Mehra
    Zeeshan Mehra 
    My name is Zeeshan and I am 10 years old. I wrote this book to teach kids to be kind to their parents because they do a lot for you. I hope you enjoy it!
  • Image of Aadhya Mantri
    Aadhya Mantri 
    Aadhya Mantri is a student at Lake Hiawatha Elementary School in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. Aadhya loves to be a part of school activities and outside school activities. She loves trying new things and hopes to publish fiction books all around the world!!
  • Image of Conrad Black
    Conrad Black 
    Conrad Black is a student in Jacksonville, FL. He enjoys practicing karate and learning to play piano. He is passionate about helping animals. He likes art projects, playing with Legos, and playing Minecraft.
  • Image of Taylor Potts
    Taylor Potts 
    Taylor is a 2nd grade student. She enjoys writing, illustrating, and all things art.
  • Image of William Cosby
    William Cosby 
    I wrote this book because I just wanted to share my story of beating cancer and a brain tumor.
  • Image of Eliza Paynter
    Eliza Paynter 
    Eliza is a student at Chisholm Elementary in Edmond, Oklahoma. She enjoys crafting, reading, and writing stories. She loves animals.
  • Image of Lizzy Arrogante
    Lizzy Arrogante 
    Lizzy Arrogante is a student at Coastal Academy and she loves writing. She is in 2nd grade and going into 3rd grade.
  • Image of Wyatt Thompson
    Wyatt Thompson 
    Wyatt is a 6th-grade student who lives in Minnesota. He loves reading, math, and playing games. He also enjoys outdoor activities, meeting new people, and sharing ideas.
  • Image of Aaron Ward
    Aaron Ward 
    This is my first book and I hope you enjoy it.
  • Image of Easton  Holloway
    Easton Holloway 
    Easton Holloway is a 4th grade student at Sugar Creek Elementary. He enjoys coding, sports, playing with friends, hanging out with family, and going to school.
  • Image of Camryn Sperling
    Camryn Sperling 
    Camryn is an 11 year old aspiring author from Virginia. She loves writing short stories and song lyrics. Camryn loves writing to express herself, make people laugh, and to help her make sense of the world!
  • Image of Yeamlak Alemu
    Yeamlak Alemu 
    Yeamlak Alemu is 8 years old and is a 3rd grader at Arcado Elementary School in Atlanta, GA. His favorite subject in school is math and his favorite hobby is playing football. He loves books and enjoys writing. In the future, he wants to write and publish more books.
  • Image of Emily  Bocook
    Emily Bocook 
    I like to read and write. In my spare time, I like to hang out with my cat.
  • Image of Alexa  Bettuo
    Alexa Bettuo 
    Alexa Bettuo is a first grade student in Michigan. She enjoys playing Roblox and watching YouTube. She likes to stay active indoors or outdoors and loves to create. Alexa enjoys modeling clay and trampolining!
  • Image of Akshar Patel
    Akshar Patel 
    I love reading and writing books.
  • Image of Wyatt Neeley
    Wyatt Neeley 
    Wyatt Neeley is a first grade homeschooler in North Carolina. He enjoys reading, biking, sports, and video games. He loves using his imagination to live all kinds of adventures anywhere he goes.
  • Image of Ava To
    Ava To 
    Ava made this book thanks to her school Arcado Elementary School and her amazing teacher Mrs. Reyes.
  • Image of Amira H.H.
    Amira H.H. 
    I'm Amira and I'm a homeschooled 4th grader. I love writing books and I always add a twist. "Carly and Ashy and the Alien Invasion" was my first book.
  • Image of Autumn Margaret
    Autumn Margaret 
    My name is Autumn Margaret and I am 6 years old. I’m an aspiring author who loves a great tale. “Autumn & Liam’s First Day of School” is my first book. Stay tuned! I have many more stories to share.
  • Image of Cash Contreras
    Cash Contreras 
    Cash is a 6th grader who has always loved to read and write books. He has been writing his own books since the age of four.
  • Image of Kaydn Barrow
    Kaydn Barrow 
    Kaydn is a 'boy of the land' and loves to tell stories and think of the most amazing things. He used to live in a remote community where aboriginal paintings of Thylacines were drawn (more details in his book). He donates money to the RFDS and Drought Angels and used to volunteer to help the Joeys.
  • Image of Hazel Clark
    Hazel Clark 
    Hazel Clark is a 2nd-3rd grader. She loves school and is a math pro.
  • Image of Reyansh Valathara Harish Kumar
    Reyansh Valathara Harish Kumar 
    My name is Reyansh! I go to Greenwood Elementary. I am 10 years old. Making books is fun for me!
  • Image of Jeremiah Gnalega
    Jeremiah Gnalega 
    Jeremiah Gnalega is one of the youngest coders even thinking of his own mods for games. He's looking to go to Berkeley University after high school. He loves to play Among Us and his favorite Youtuber is Ssundee. A quote from himself, "He is mad sus". His favorite word is "Actually" (like he is actually mad sus!!)
  • Image of Hannah McLeish
    Hannah McLeish 
    Hannah McLeish is a student at Bonners Ferry Middle School in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. She loves reading, writing stories, and competing in track. Using her books, she hopes to inspire others to do what they love.
  • Image of Tochi Nwogu
    Tochi Nwogu 
    I started story writing when I was really young. I enjoyed it a lot so in 4th grade, I started using StoryJumper. I enjoy it very much and I’m really thankful for it.
  • Image of Aiden McKee
    Aiden McKee 
    Aiden McKee is a 13-year-old kid living in southern Indiana. Aiden loves making books, playing basketball, and playing his favorite video games (like Minecraft, Sonic the Hedgehog and Shell Shockers).
  • Image of Addy W.
    Addy W. 
    Hi! I love writing books. I go to Gordon Elementary and I love animals and magic. I pride myself on being kind and loving but sometimes that makes me a little too trusting. But I'm working on it! Come on the journey with me. Thank you all for reading my books! Love A. Weisz!! (:
  • Image of Amayla Hairston
    Amayla Hairston 
    Amayla Hairston was born in 2009. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her family.
  • Image of Samuel Abbott Lippman
    Samuel Abbott Lippman 
    I love writing books - it is very fun! I have 2 published books so far. I hope you enjoy my book !!! I also have a website. please visit it at I am 8 years old
  • Image of A.B. Berry
    A.B. Berry 
    A.B. Berry is a student at York Intermediate School in York, SC. She enjoys reading, swimming, and dogs. She hopes to inspire love for learning, education, and kindness.
  • Image of Morgan Hutcheson
    Morgan Hutcheson 
    Morgan Hutcheson is a student at Winfield Middle School in Alabama. She loves to read, study, doing game night with her family, drawing, and play tuba and baritone.
  • Image of William Castaneda
    William Castaneda 
    Hi. I'm William and I love writing books. I come up with great ideas.
  • Image of Lilliana  Corsey
    Lilliana Corsey 
    Lilliana is six years old and in the first grade. She enjoys singing, dancing, and having fun with her family. Lilliana feels that everyone needs to do their part to make the world a better place.
  • Image of Nadia  De Zubeldia
    Nadia De Zubeldia 
    Nadia is in 1st grade in Northern Arizona and loves to read, color pictures, play piano, and play with her little brother. She is just the sweetest little girl ever!
  • Image of Ajit Krishnan
    Ajit Krishnan 
    Ajit is a second grader who enjoys writing stories, playing the piano, and doing art and science projects.
  • Image of Karina Coughran
    Karina Coughran 
    My name is Karina Coughran and I am 9 years old. I live in Nova Scotia and I just finished grade 4. I enjoy writing stories and poems. This book shows me that your dreams can come true, since now I am a published author! :-)
  • Image of Holden Cook
    Holden Cook 
    Holden is a coder from San Diego. He loves making games, reading books, taking care of his pet, and playing violin.
  • Image of Quinton Jones
    Quinton Jones 
    Quinton Jones is a student at Red Duke Elementary and is in 4th grade right now. He likes books like Investigators, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Little Critter! Quinton is creating story games on Roblox and wants to have people buy his books!
  • Image of Pheo Jay
    Pheo Jay 
    Pheo Jay enjoys writing stories and is always full of imagination.
  • Image of Gia Mahesh
    Gia Mahesh 
    Gia Mahesh is Grade 3 student who loves to write short stories. She loves reading books and her love of reading led her to writing her own books. She started writing short stories when she was in Senior Kindergarten. In addition, she also loves drawing and painting and aspires to be an artist one day. Music is also one of her varied interests and she enjoys playing her piano. Her other interests include coding, doing arts / crafts, and solving puzzles.
  • Image of Naya Herzallah
    Naya Herzallah 
    Naya is six years old and loves to play with her friends. She also loves helping people and enjoys reading and writing.
  • Image of Gaby Jay
    Gaby Jay 
    Gaby Jay enjoys writing stories for little kids.
  • Image of Yaron Bejarano Gutierrez
    Yaron Bejarano Gutierrez 
    This is a book about a lonely cat.
  • Image of Izabelle Johnston
    Izabelle Johnston 
    Hi! My name is Izabelle, but feel free to call me Izzy or Stella. I'm a 9 year old, but I'm tiny! I live in a RV and I'm home-schooled. I live with my cat, Coco, and the family dog, Attila. I love stuffed animals and I'm a huge fan of wolves! I'm writing a series called "Wolftales". I love scary things. Hope that you enjoy the things I write!
  • Image of Isabelle  Cromartie
    Isabelle Cromartie 
    Isabelle is a imaginative young girl who loves making all kinds of imaginative stories.
  • Image of Catherine Wallace
    Catherine Wallace 
    Catherine Wallace likes writing, running, and reading. Her favourite book character is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (which is her favourite book series).
  • Image of Liam  Cox
    Liam Cox 
    Liam Cox is in first grade at Julie Billiart School for Autism in Lyndhurst, Ohio. He enjoys writing books, competing on the swim team, and having fun with his friends. When he grows up, he wants to be an author. "The Bird Does Not Share" is Liam's first book.
  • Image of JaLayah Richardson
    JaLayah Richardson 
    I am a 6 year old who has always dreamed of writing a book so I decided to write a book to help kids my age and younger learn how to count.
  • Image of Flora Alim
    Flora Alim 
    Flora Alim is a student at Comstock Elementary School in Frisco, Texas. She enjoys writing and art. She likes to cheer people up.
  • Image of Kendra Esposito
    Kendra Esposito 
    Kendra is an American-Swiss ‘trooper’ and an adventurous and curious kid! She is an explorer, and she is already planning many travels around the world. She enjoys dancing, swimming, gymnastics, speaking foreign languages, and endless runs with her dog, Providence!
  • Image of Omer and Mehmet ATES
    Omer and Mehmet ATES 
    We are both 10 years old and we are twins from Illinois. We like to write books, play soccer, build with legos, and ride roller skates. When we grow up we want to become architects.
  • Image of Marlee Boyer
    Marlee Boyer 
    Marlee Boyer is 9 years old in grade 3. She loves writing stories, playing futsal and horse riding. She hopes to write more books in the future.
  • Image of Delyla Carter
    Delyla Carter 
    Hello I am Delyla. I really like cats and I love purple! I go to Annangrove Public School and I am ready to inspire others!
  • Image of Daniela Hidalgo
    Daniela Hidalgo 
    Daniela Hidalgo likes to make books on StoryJumper. Her favorite color is pink and she is 11 years old. She lives in Jupiter, Florida with her parents and her dog, Bella. She attends 5th grade. She dreams to be a professional author one day.
  • Image of Ethan Akhenemhen
    Ethan Akhenemhen 
    Ethan Akhenemhen lives in Calgary, Alberta with his family. He dreams of becoming an author and making a book series. Ethan loves reading and playing video games.
  • Image of Rayna Brady
    Rayna Brady 
    Rayna Brady is a student in Canada at Carbonear Academy in Carbonear, Newfoundland. Rayna is 7 years old in Grade 2. She loves drawing, playing sports, and reading. This book is her first book and she's excited to make many more!
  • Image of Rayyan  Ahmed
    Rayyan Ahmed 
    Rayyan is a high schooler who enjoys writing books about the Arabic language and women's rights to influence children. He hopes you enjoy his books about animals and colors in Arabic and influential female figures!
  • Image of Malachi  Maxwell
    Malachi Maxwell 
    My name is Malachi Maxwell. I am 8 years old. I enjoy reading, being outdoors, and playing baseball. I wrote this book to inspire others to never give up.
  • Image of Leah Venter
    Leah Venter 
    Leah is a year 4 student in NSW, Australia. She has always been a keen story writer and loves making people laugh. She hopes this book will put a smile on your face and she looks forward to writing many more stories in the future.
  • Image of Emmanuella Emmanuel
    Emmanuella Emmanuel 
    Emmanuella Emmanuel is a spirit-filled student at Heritage Christian Academy in Calgary, Canada. For the love of babies she writes, a purpose-driven tween who decided to have all the babies in the world to herself and connect with them through her books. She's a love dealer and wildly spreading it around the world.
  • Image of Danika Gordon
    Danika Gordon 
    Danika Gordon is a student at Sturgis Williams Middle School in Sturgis, South Dakota. She enjoys being involved in activities in her school, community and 4-H, and hopes to inspire others to spread kindness.
  • Image of Reina Ovalle
    Reina Ovalle 
    Reina is 7 years old and started writing and illustrating books around age six. She loves cats (really, really loves cats). She is a big sis and takes that job super seriously...keeping her kid brother out of trouble. When she is not writing or playing with her little bro, she is playing with dolls, swimming, creating sidewalk chalk art, and playing doctor. She just wants her readers to feel happy when they read her creations. Happy reading, everyone!
  • Image of Emery Hodges
    Emery Hodges 
    Emery lives in SW Florida and his favorite animal is an elephant. He enjoys football, golf, fishing, and hanging out in the pool with his family and friends.
  • Image of Zaria  Elliott
    Zaria Elliott 
    Zaria Elliott is a 9 year old 3rd grader. She loves singing, dancing, reading, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and friends. Her passionate for singing allows her to use her amazing voice to spread joy and happiness to others in the world.
  • Image of Henry Kharpuri-Chavel
    Henry Kharpuri-Chavel 
    Henry Kharpuri-Chavel is an incoming 1st grader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has displayed a knack for entrepreneurship even as a Kindergartner with a goal to buy himself a Nintendo Switch. Henry is inspired by his favorite author, Dav Pilkey, and Nintendo, where he aspires to work one day. When he is not writing, he enjoys playing with Legos, working on Scratch, tennis, swimming, and being a Little Ninja.
  • Image of Landon Harris
    Landon Harris 
    Landon Harris is an inspirational and kind kid who loves to write and read books. He wants this book to be something that interests people. So hope you like his book.
  • Image of Ava Martorella
    Ava Martorella 
    Ava is a fun loving student in the land of down under, Australia! She loves animals and has an interest in making our Earth a healthier place to live in. She hopes to inspire people who read her story to help save the Earth!
  • Image of Brayden Michels
    Brayden Michels 
    Brayden is a student at Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan. He is in 2nd grade. Brayden loves the beach and his family. He loves to read and use his imagination.
  • Image of Graeme McHugh
    Graeme McHugh 
  • Image of Nolan Crowley
    Nolan Crowley 
    The famous Nolan Crowley
  • Image of Chua Ze Nan
    Chua Ze Nan 
    Chua is 8 years old and lives in Singapore. He hopes that you find his books funny and interesting. The books are inspired by his bed and swimming pool routines. And why not add yourself? He uses his bolsters and pillows to act out bpm adventures. if you want to join, tell him in the comments section of his latest book.
  • Image of Lilly Jefford
    Lilly Jefford 
    Lilly Jefford is a student in Peterborough, Ontario. Lilly enjoys fidget toys, going on roller coasters, gymnastics, and spending time with friends and family. Lilly wishes for the world to have peace.
  • Image of Ryan McKenzie
    Ryan McKenzie 
    I made this book so people can learn French and have fun.
  • Image of Judith Huesca Nena
    Judith Huesca Nena 
    Judith enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and doing science experiments.
  • Image of Emily Mackey
    Emily Mackey 
    Emily Mackey is a student at St. Matthew's School in St. John's, NL Canada. She's a very happy girl who sees the best in everyone. Her oldest brother, Benjamin, passed away in 2020 so she wanted to write a book to remember what a great brother he was. She saw him as a superhero! Many people think of a superhero flying around and wearing a cape. But she said Benjamin didn't need a cape. He was a superhero just by making people happy.
  • Image of Lexie Christianson
    Lexie Christianson 
    Lexie Christianson is a 3rd grader at Boulder Ridge Elementary School. She loves using her creativity to make different things. She hopes to share her creativity through the her stories.
  • Image of Grace Miles
    Grace Miles 
    Grace is a sweet, fun, and creative young girl who loves to read and write stories inspired by her favorite doll, Cherry.
  • Image of Logan Bridges
    Logan Bridges 
    I love doing math and reading and now making books.
  • Image of Tarik Rizvic
    Tarik Rizvic 
    Tarik Rizvic is a 10 year old. He loves to read and write stories. He is so excited he can finally show his writing skills!
  • Image of Wyatt Burke
    Wyatt Burke 
    Wyatt Burke lives in Arizona and wrote this book in third grade. He enjoys doing gymnastics, reading books, playing with toys, and swimming. His favorite subjects in school are math and reading. He also loves animals and has a pet dog named Rosco.
  • Image of Konstantinos Tzikas
    Konstantinos Tzikas 
    I love dogs and music! :)
  • Image of Noe Peter
    Noe Peter 
    Noe Peter is 11 years old and Y6 student. Noe started using story jumper in 2019 and officially published his first book in 2021 (2 years in the making). Nowadays, Noe is currently writing his own novel, which is (hopefully) set to release between 2025-2030. He rarely creates e-books on storyjumper though but is hoping to release one every couple months.
  • Image of Jasper Fisher
    Jasper Fisher 
    Jasper Fisher is a 4th grader in upstate NY and an avid Zelda enthusiast.
  • Image of Eden  Rogers
    Eden Rogers 
    My name is Eden and when my book came on a Tuesday night, I felt so happy and proud! I have a big brother and a little brother. I go to a school in Shoreline and I am in 3rd grade.
  • Image of Sadeigh Cook
    Sadeigh Cook 
    Sadeigh is a student of East Robertson Elementary School. She enjoys dance, 4-H, reading, and hanging out with her friends. She hopes this book will show that everyone needs a friend.
  • Image of Riyanna Varghese
    Riyanna Varghese 
    Riyanna is an aspiring author from Texas who loves writing stories, poems, and songsl. She enjoys singing, dancing, drawing, and gymnastics. She hopes to write books that inspire kids like herself and spread kindness and good morals.
  • Image of Maximilian  Petrov
    Maximilian Petrov 
    Hello! I am Max and I am a 4th grader at Rideau Park School in Calgary, Canada. This book is about me and I hope that this story will help you better understand the importance of studying.
  • Image of Maya Machher
    Maya Machher 
    Homeschooler and Writer. Follow me on Instagram @mmachher21
  • Image of Sai Karthik  Ambula
    Sai Karthik Ambula 
    Sai Karthik Ambula is a first grader at Willow Bend Elementary School. He enjoys coding and playing drums. He loves to draw superhero characters and write comics. When he grows up he want to be an Astronaut/Scientist and serve the country.
  • Image of Sadie Davis
    Sadie Davis 
    Sadie Davis loves to read and she wanted to write her own book - she did and it is amazing!
  • Image of Nia Jake
    Nia Jake 
    Nia Jake is a 4th grade student at a Christian school in Toledo, Ohio. She enjoys drawing and writing stories.
  • Image of Abby Balster
    Abby Balster 
    Abby wrote this book when she was in 1st grade. She enjoys being involved in gymnastics and soccer. When she grows up she'd like to be a pastry chef designer.
  • Image of Grady Greenfield
    Grady Greenfield 
    Grady Greenfield is a student at Winston Academy of Engineering (WAE) in Polk County, Florida. He enjoys doing different clubs in school. He wants to inspire young readers to write, too.
  • Image of Shyan Fredrickson
    Shyan Fredrickson 
    Shyan Fredrickson was a student at Ransom Middle School in Cantonment, Florida. She has always loved writing and when the opportunity arose from a simple school project, she took it. The story she has written was a short story from her imagination. She hopes it can encourage children to be kind whenever possible.
  • Image of Natalie Maria Petre
    Natalie Maria Petre 
    Natalie enjoys making books in StoryJumper. She is eight years old. She really likes dogs, school, riding her bike, and math. Natalie has made 4 big books public.
  • Image of Jack Shuler
    Jack Shuler 
    Jack is nine years old. He typed this book himself and is working on the sequel! He plans to be an author when he grows up.
  • Image of Grasyon Gibbs
    Grasyon Gibbs 
    I love Innersloth, Henry Stickmin, and Minecraft! I'm a great person and I love being kind of funny!!
  • Image of Ella Stasiukaitis
    Ella Stasiukaitis 
    Ella is a student at Eagle Nest Elementary in South Carolina for Virtual School. She has two sisters and a brother. She wants to be a veterinarian or ventriloquist when she grows up!
  • Image of Ghalya Abdulhadi
    Ghalya Abdulhadi 
    Ghalya Abdulhadi is a student at Shaw Elementary in Beavercreek, Ohio. She loved reading stories at the age of 5 and started writing at the age of 6. Ghalya continues to write stories. and will always inspire and spread kindness through her books.
  • Image of Alexis Bidwill
    Alexis Bidwill 
    I wrote this book because my teacher gave us the StoryJumper website link for early finisher work. My mom made my book public so here I am!
  • Image of Doijer Cumberland
    Doijer Cumberland 
    Doijer is from Long Beach, Mississippi and is in second grade. He really enjoys writing books on StoryJumper.
  • Image of Grace E. Rose
    Grace E. Rose 
    StoryJumper Member since 2016. Hi, I'm Grace! I love reading, writing, roses, and the color red. I mainly write stories for my most popular series, "The Wolf and Sun Lily," and I also love writing about my puppy- who isn't a puppy anymore- Maxie Lou. I hope you like my stories!
  • Image of Liam  Biffiger
    Liam Biffiger 
    Liam Biffiger is an avid reader and enjoys writing his own stories. He is a third grader in a bilingual school and very proud to publish his first book. He is currently writing a book series.
  • Image of Fiona  Byrd
    Fiona Byrd 
    Fiona Byrd is a student at Sara Harp Minter Elementary School in Fayetteville, Georgia. She loves cats and wants to grow up to be a veterinarian who specializes in cat care. She also enjoys cheerleading and hanging out with her family.
  • Image of Kaia Walters
    Kaia Walters 
    Kaia is a home school student in Cooper Landing, AK. She enjoys skiing and ice skating. She hopes to inspire new authors like herself.
  • Image of Aaliyah  Guizar
    Aaliyah Guizar 
    I love you keep up the good work!
  • Image of Ethan Levy
    Ethan Levy 
    My name is Ethan. I am 10 years old. I have SJIA. My motto is "never give up"! Read my book to learn more.
  • Image of Gia Milano
    Gia Milano 
    Gia is ten years old. She has four dogs, one cat, two fish, and a little sister. She plans to be an Orthopedic Pediatric Oncologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital when she grows up. Funds from the sale of her books will be used to buy Survivor dolls to gift to girls fighting cancer.
  • Image of Molly Ann Mclean
    Molly Ann Mclean 
    Molly LOVES alpacas! She hopes you enjoy reading her book as much as she did writing it!
  • Image of Yeeyao Wong
    Yeeyao Wong 
    Yeeyao is a second grader at Blue Hills Elementary in CA. He loves playing video games and reading books. Hope you enjoy reading his book!
  • Image of Minul Liyanage
    Minul Liyanage 
    Hi, I’m Minul and I’m 10 years old. I hope you like my book!
  • Image of Zenith Chan
    Zenith Chan 
    Hello, I am 7 years old and I live in Hong Kong. I study in Raimondi College Primary Section. I am a YouTuber and a bookworm. I like playing chess, watching movies, eating sweets, drawing dinosaurs, and playing with my toys. I am excited to be an author. I love to read, draw, and write about animals and nature. Hope you enjoy my books and let’s share more great stories!
  • Image of Hudson Potts
    Hudson Potts 
    Hudson likes to play baseball so he wrote this book.
  • Image of Hermione Panda
    Hermione Panda 
    I love to write books on StoryJumper. I am obsessed with the cute and cuddly animals called pandas. I love to draw and I'm in the 4th grade. I love to play Fortnite and Animal Crossings. My best friend is known as Ilovemyhorsebruh on StoryJumper.
  • Image of Abigail Mickle
    Abigail Mickle 
    Abigail Mickle is a student at Florence Meares Public School in Burlington, Ontario. She loves art, golf, lacrosse, rollerblading, and writing stories about her kitten, Clementine. She hopes to write many stories about the adventures she and Clementine have together.
  • Image of Evelyn Warywoda
    Evelyn Warywoda 
    Evelyn Warywoda is a 5th grade student at Park Avenue Elementary in Des Moines, Iowa. She enjoys playing video games and playing with her dad. Fun fact: She can make a thumbs up with her toes!
  • Image of Emaan I. Khan
    Emaan I. Khan 
    Emaan is a 10 year old author. She lives in Machesney Park, Illinois and goes to the Gifted Academy in Marshall Middle school. She is a big bookworm and her favorite series is Harry Potter. She also loves playing with her friends and likes to watch scary movies.
  • Image of Manuthi Ranasinghe
    Manuthi Ranasinghe 
    Manuthi Ranasinghe is a student at Glen Williams Public School in Georgetown, Canada. She loves reading, writing fiction/nonfiction books, music, and dancing. She really wants to give a message to the world through her books that if we fill our hearts and minds with love, kindness, and good thoughts, making this world a better place is not that hard.
  • Image of Micah Ekkert
    Micah Ekkert 
    Micah Ekkert is a boy who loves soccer and playing Mario Cart with his family. He got the idea of Soccer Kong from Mario Cart's Donkey Kong. Micah got the idea of the Soccerbread Boy based on the Gingerbread Boy story.
  • Image of Selah  Simon
    Selah Simon 
    Selah Simon is a student at Daniels Farm Elementary School in Trumbull, CT. She enjoys writing and playing with her siblings and puppy, Daisy.
  • Image of Alexis Brown
    Alexis Brown 
    I’m Alexis and I’m 8 years old! Enjoy my book!
  • Image of Lily Rumball
    Lily Rumball 
    Lily loves to write and read. She hopes you enjoy reading her books.
  • Image of Kaitlyn Teran
    Kaitlyn Teran 
    Kaitlyn is a student in 3rd grade who loves her pet, Freddy. She enjoys writing and reading.
  • Image of Isabella  Coughran
    Isabella Coughran 
    Isabella Coughran is a huge fan of fantasy. She wants to inspire others to use their imagination and write really amazing books. She loves to write her favorite books such as "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" as if she was in the story. "Like a sleepy blue ocean" was her first published book and she cannot wait to make new books for people to read.
  • Image of Imani James
    Imani James 
    I am an only child who gets lonely sometimes so I make up stories and make my GiGi, mom, dad, and whoever I can find to play with me. Writing books is more fun because I can see my words and imagination in a book.
  • Image of Mihela Sanhith
    Mihela Sanhith 
    Mihela is a primary 2 student and lives in Singapore. He likes to write stories in his free time. 'The Flying Hyena' is his first published book and he is excited with it. Mihela inspired his friends at school to write stories. He loves reading and frequently visits the library.
  • Image of Ava Scott
    Ava Scott 
    Ava Scott lives in the country and enjoys writing. She likes writing her own stories and loves riding horses. She hopes everyone gets to enjoy the benefit of reading through entertaining pictures and inspiring words. Read and be taken on an adventure!
  • Image of Nariya Harry
    Nariya Harry 
    Nariya Harry is a fourth grade student at India Hook Elementary in South Carolina. She loves to bake and inspire others. She believes she can do anything she puts her mind to and so can you!
  • Image of Enya Saliba
    Enya Saliba 
    I'm Enya and I'm 7 years old.
  • Image of Zoey Talla
    Zoey Talla 
    Zoey is a little star that lights up the hearts of everyone who revolves around her planet. She attends St. George's Catholic School in Ottawa. Zoey enjoys participating in her school activities as well as outdoor activities.
  • Image of Adhira Meenakshisankar
    Adhira Meenakshisankar 
    Adhira is in second grade and she is a fun loving kid. She loves to read and enjoys riding her bike. She likes to spend time outside with friends and family.
  • Image of Angelo  Lucier
    Angelo Lucier 
    Angelo loves sports. He has brought his love for one of his favorite athletes to life in this easy to read biography for kids just in time for Black History Month.
  • Image of Emma Krapkova
    Emma Krapkova 
    I wanted to write this book because I was inspired by a YouTuber who writes books.
  • Image of Mathieu-Ethan Gibbs
    Mathieu-Ethan Gibbs 
    Mathieu is an 8 year old second grade student in Maine. He enjoys reading, writing, and math. Mathieu likes to come up with ideas for stories with his sister, Mackenzie. He looks forward to publishing more books.
  • Image of Blessed Farne
    Blessed Farne 
    Hi! I'm Blessed Farne and I'm a student in St. Ambrose School. I really like writing books about my life experiences. I hope you enjoy my books!
  • Image of Stephanie Huang
    Stephanie Huang 
    Stephanie Huang is a first grader at Hunter College Elementary School in NYC. She likes cooking, reading any animal-related materials, and writing. While she is not writing another story, she usually is making things out of the materials she has at hand.
  • Image of Amarah Jones
    Amarah Jones 
    Amarah wrote her first book when she was 7 years old and in 2nd grade. She is currently in middle school and in the process of creating more books. She loves to read, put on make-up, dance, and roller skate. She loves animals and wants to be a Pediatrician when she grows up.
  • Image of Rose Thomas
    Rose Thomas 
    Rose is a student at Stanley Elementary and she loves to make a lot of stories.
  • Image of Grace Nguyen
    Grace Nguyen 
    Hi! My name is Grace Nguyen and I am a 2nd grader in Cherry Crest Elementary School. I like to read books on my Kindle or iPad. Fun Fact: I'm a Christian and I'm also Vietnamese even though I look Korean.
  • Image of Simone Huang
    Simone Huang 
    Simone Huang is a third-grade student at PS 166 in NYC. She enjoys reading, writing poems, and playing games! When she's not creating another story, she's enjoying her time with her family!
  • Image of Ryan Schwalb
    Ryan Schwalb 
    Ryan is in 2nd grade.
  • Image of Emma Leavitt
    Emma Leavitt 
    Emma is a 5th grade student who loves to read and write books. Some of her other hobbies include making jewelry and going camping. She is a huge Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan. She is also working on a chapter book called "LOST" (which will come out very soon!). She hopes you enjoy reading her books as much as she likes reading all of yours!
  • Image of Jayden Cunningham
    Jayden Cunningham 
    Jayden Cunningham is a student at Repton Jr. High School in Repton, Alabama. He enjoys reading, gaming, and computer based activities and hopes to one day become a dentist.
  • Image of Naomi Abercrombie
    Naomi Abercrombie 
    Naomi is from Sherwood Park, Alberta. She started this book as a grade 5 school assignment and finished it over the summer. It is her first published book.
  • Image of Akhil Yallapu
    Akhil Yallapu 
    Akhil is a third grader and he loves reading books. Akhil's favorite animal is the peregrine falcon.
  • Image of Nick Ushakov
    Nick Ushakov 
    I am Nick and I live with my mom, dad, sister, and grandma in Phoenix, AZ. I am in 1st grade. I am not at school right now because of the pandemic. I am sad that I can't see my friends. This is a picture of me holding my most successful book "The Three Twins".
  • Image of Avery Allen
    Avery Allen 
    Avery Allen is 9 years old (4th grade) who lives in the USA. She wants to be an author like her mom, so StoryJumper is perfect for her! She got her first published book, "Isal The Bear" as a Christmas gift. She decided to add some style to herself for this. She also has a stuffed cow that she cherishes and loves so much!
  • Image of Maezee Khemraj
    Maezee Khemraj 
    Maezee Khemraj started being homeschooled in 2020. She enjoys being involved in crafts at the local library and loves to paint and create stories.
  • Image of Kenya Killingsworth
    Kenya Killingsworth 
    I am 8 years old and I'm in 3rd grade at Rice Creek School. I'm in the gifted program and I enjoy several projects that we create. I love and enjoy my family. I hope that you will enjoy learning about natural disasters. Be kind.
  • Image of Austin Sagers
    Austin Sagers 
    Austin Sagers is a middle school student who loves books. He also loves minecraft!
  • Image of Akshit Agam
    Akshit Agam 
    Akshit Agam is a student at Colfax Elementary School in Greensboro, NC. He is kind, caring, and helpful. He enjoys playing Roblox, writing, and reading good books.
  • Image of Katherine Sanchez
    Katherine Sanchez 
    Katherine Sanchez is a 3rd grader. She has always loved reading and is proud to have published her very own book. She enjoys karate, playing guitar, and making new friends. She hopes this book will inspire you to be kind to everyone you meet.
  • Image of Winnie Liu
    Winnie Liu 
    Winnie Liu is in 2nd grade and she is a student at Evergreen Elementary School in California. She loves to read books, so she decided to make her own!
  • Image of Thibault Gonzalez de Ubieta Drouin
    Thibault Gonzalez de Ubieta Drouin 
    Thibault's school is CBS and he loves inventing, robots, machines, hacking satellites, and eating candy. He likes spies, animals and chocolate.
  • Image of Victoria Mayoral
    Victoria Mayoral 
    Victoria Mayoral is eight years old and is a student at Maple Dale School in Montgomery, Ohio. She loves reading, math, swimming, and playing Roblox. During the Covid-19 period, she wrote many books and decided to publish her favorites.
  • Image of River Lee
    River Lee 
    River Lee is an aspiring artist and author located in Los Angeles. She loves all animals and is a competitive equestrian rider.
  • Image of Valerie Goode
    Valerie Goode 
    Valerie Goode is a student at Harris Bilingual Elementary in Fort Collins, Colorado. She enjoys making good friends and likes to participate in fun activities.
  • Image of Raghad Alomari
    Raghad Alomari 
    Raghad is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She loves books and drawing and is working on books with her homemade drawings. Stay tuned for more books.
  • Image of Akshay Arjun
    Akshay Arjun 
    Akshay is 9 years old and his brother Arjun is 4 years old. They love storytelling and visiting new places. They also have a YouTube channel called 'Mommy and Little Chefs".
  • Image of Mae Zelaya
    Mae Zelaya 
    Mae is a spunky 8 year old who enjoys learning about everything under the sun. She loves to write and is enjoying writing books on StoryJumper!
  • Image of Arna  Majmudar
    Arna Majmudar 
    I recently turned 5 and I love writing stories and poems. I hope you enjoy my books. :)
  • Image of Rehaan Nazim
    Rehaan Nazim 
    Rehaan Nazim is an inspiring and budding author. He loves to read, explore, write, make friends, and have fun. He is a student of Empowerment Academy Charter School in Jersey City, New Jersey. This is his first book and he hopes you enjoy it.
  • Image of Alyvia Gerald
    Alyvia Gerald 
    Alyvia is eight years old and was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome four years ago. She uses her creativity and imagination to manage her tics. She is an amazing artist who is inspired to one day become an author/illustrator. Fatcat is a book series she began writing in the first grade, so be on the lookout for another Fatcat adventure.
  • Image of Julia Schlachetzki
    Julia Schlachetzki 
    Julia likes nonfiction weather and animals. She likes pre-historic creatures such as mammoths. She is currently 9 years old. Julia's birthday is in November.
  • Image of Jenna Holloway
    Jenna Holloway 
    Jenna Holloway is a student at Narvie J Harris Elementary Theme School in Atlanta, GA. She enjoys math activities in school the most. She also loves activities like basketball, dance, and playing with her two dogs. She hopes to spread her love of math, animals, drawing, speech, and writing.
  • Image of Kay Hayford
    Kay Hayford 
    Kay Hayford goes to the North Canton Middle School in North Canton. She likes both reading and writing. She enjoys being outside.
  • Image of You He Elton Ong
    You He Elton Ong 
    You He Elton Ong is a student at the Canadian International School in Tokyo. He is 10 years old and loves to read mystery books and write. He hopes children can write their own books.
  • Image of Clara Rose Gillis
    Clara Rose Gillis 
    Clara Rose Gillis is 8 years old from Chicago, Illinois. She is in third grade at Solomon Schechter Day school in Northbrook. She loves reading, writing, singing, dancing, acting and making music. She wrote this story to inspire others to write their own. She is proud to present to you her story of The Bear And The Old Lady.
  • Image of Athena Wang
    Athena Wang 
    Athena Wang is a first grade student at Castle Rock Elementary School in Diamond Bar, California. She enjoys making up funny stories and hopes to spread happiness to others.
  • Image of James Crouch
    James Crouch 
    James is an 8 year old from Fort Dodge, Iowa. He goes to Cooper Elementary School. James has made 2 StoryJumper books and is working on another.
  • Image of Jacob Giustiniano
    Jacob Giustiniano 
    I love to read and write. I love playing soccer at home and playing with my friends at school.
  • Image of Leah Hsu
    Leah Hsu 
    I will be in the 3rd grade in a Francophone school. I speak French in the school. To practice my English, I write stories.
  • Image of Amara Ali
    Amara Ali 
    Amara is 8 years old and lives in Trinidad and Tobago, the most southern country of the Caribbean. She writes and illustrates her stories, as well as reads them, at "Cool your Head- Open Mic and Film". She loves making sand pools by her grandparents' home by the beach, and also loves swimming.
  • Image of Kyle Nembhard
    Kyle Nembhard 
    Kyle Nembhard is a 11 year old boy who loves to write and draw. He hopes you enjoy his book series he is now making. :)
  • Image of Laysen Brostowitz
    Laysen Brostowitz 
    This book is about my brothers and me. I used our middle names instead of our full names. We're always trying to be our best against each other and my mom helped me make a book that sums us up!
  • Image of Dominic  Digiorgi
    Dominic Digiorgi 
    Hola! My name is Dominic and I speak Spanish and English. I love to read and play soccer, baseball, and golf. I love numbers, too. I want to create with my mom bilingual (Spanish-English) books for kids :). Hope you enjoy the first one. Gracias.
  • Image of Sebastian Magno
    Sebastian Magno 
    I love writing books and I definitely want to be an author when I grow up.
  • Image of Lilly Park
    Lilly Park 
    Lilly Park is a student at Oradell Public School in Oradell, New Jersey. In her free time, she likes to swim or explore!!! She aspires one day for world peace and will never stop.
  • Image of Micah Katz
    Micah Katz 
    Hi! I'm Micah and I live in Washington. I'm 9 years old and a student at Salish Coast Elementary. I have loved writing for a long time. Some of the books I have written are "Olivia" and "Save the Fox". There are still many more stories to come. Bye!
  • Image of Declan McDougall
    Declan McDougall 
    Declan is a six year old boy from Winnipeg, Canada who enjoys reading and writing stories. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Declan put his spare time to good use by writing a story about an overly cautious bird learning to overcome his fears. While this is Alfred's first adventure, Declan is already underway on his second Alfred story titled "Alfred and the first day of Grade Two".
  • Image of Bryce  Pierson
    Bryce Pierson 
    Bryce Pierson is a 9 year old who likes history books and Star Wars. He does karate and goes to school at Center Elementary in East Hampton CT. He and his brothers made a secret bunker in the woods. He has a cute dog named Sheldon who is very active.
  • Image of Nyla  Davis
    Nyla Davis 
    Hey there! I'm Nyla and I hope you enjoy my book! I love MineCraft, wolves, Pokemon, dogs, and cats. In my books I either try to make the reader laugh or giggle while reading my book or inspire / encourage them.
  • Image of Leonie Hall
    Leonie Hall 
    I made this book for children from 1-9 years old.
  • Image of Ali Fissal
    Ali Fissal 
    Ali is 7 years old and hails from Canada. He is an enthusiastic storyteller who adds his own voice to everything he creates. Ali is an illustrator as well as an author. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, building with Legos and imagining new and exciting adventures.
  • Image of Charlie Stropkai
    Charlie Stropkai 
    Charlie lives in Ohio and will be starting 1st grade in the fall. She loves playing with her friends, riding bikes, and creating art. She hopes to create many more books to come!
  • Image of Abigail Fletcher
    Abigail Fletcher 
    Abby lives in Texas and was so happy to find StoryJumper during the Coronavirus closure in 2020. She was very excited to publish her FIRST book "The Princess Competition" at 10. She's excited to publish more and is happy that people are reading her books. She loves making them as well as reading others. She lives with her brother Landon, her parents Billy and Kristyn, her cats ZuZu and Obi, and her dog, Callie! This has been a dream for her! :-)
  • Image of Taniah Venkadesan
    Taniah Venkadesan 
    Taniah is a grade 3 student at R.L. Beattie Public School in Sudbury, Ontario. Taniah loves reading books, doing arts and crafts, and playing piano.
  • Image of Chloe Sequeira
    Chloe Sequeira 
    Chloe is from British Columbia, Canada.  When she isn't researching cute puppies or baking, she enjoys nature and being in the great outdoors.  She hopes to inspire others to protect our beautiful land and oceans. 
  • Image of Brooklyn Sequeira
    Brooklyn Sequeira 
    Brooklyn Sequeira is from British Columbia, Canada. She enjoys reading graphic novels, writing short stories, and drawing pictures of cute animals and food. She hopes to inspire others to support their community.
  • Image of Quinn Alexander
    Quinn Alexander 
    Quinn is an 11 year old boy who loves sports, especially NFL football and spending time with his family. Quinn hopes to help other children deal with their problems in a positive way.
  • Image of De’miya Ward
    De’miya Ward 
    De’miya is an 8 year old author with a big imagination. She loves creating new stories and bringing her characters to life. “The Last Moon Lizard Wolves” is De’miya’s first book and she is already putting her ideas together for her next one. So, stay tuned for more to come.
  • Image of Marlee Croft
    Marlee Croft 
    Marlee loves StoryJumper and is making a lot of books. She is a third grader learning multiplication. Besides making books she loves art.
  • Image of Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams 
    Hi! My name is Khalil and I'm a young published author. I love reading books and I have a passion for writing books.
  • Image of Gracie Holland
    Gracie Holland 
    Gracie Holland is homeschooled and in second grade. She loves to be creative! She enjoys sewing, knitting, dancing to worship music, and reading. She loves spending time with her family and friends.
  • Image of Arisyn Kouch
    Arisyn Kouch 
    Arisyn Kouch is 7 years old. She loves swimming and dancing. Her favorite thing in the world are small puppies...and she hopes one day to have a puppy of her own.
  • Image of Brooklyn Peltz
    Brooklyn Peltz 
    My name is Brooklyn Hope Peltz and I'm in grade 2 at Sullivan Elementary School in Surrey, BC, Canada. I enjoy writing stories and love drawing and painting. I love all you guys who enjoy reading my books!
  • Image of Savanna Rowell
    Savanna Rowell 
    Savanna is a student at Buford Middle School in S.C. She loves playing basketball and doing art projects. She is a good Christian and loves to spread the word of God.
  • Image of Arista Kamila
    Arista Kamila 
    Arista is currently a student (P7) at St. Malachy's PS, Coleraine, Northern Ireland. She is 11 years old and loves to read, write, and draw. Animals and nature play a very special part in her creations and she wants to send a message to everyone - 'Believe in Yourself.'
  • Image of Tripp Jordan
    Tripp Jordan 
    Tripp Jordan is a spunky, energetic, lovable guy who is passionate about reading, writing, caring for God's creatures and seeing everything as an opportunity to learn and grow. He takes life by the horns and creates fun stories that everyone can enjoy!
  • Image of Jessica and Iyla Michel
    Jessica and Iyla Michel 
    We are a mother-daughter writing duo. Jessica is an early childhood educator and loves making memories with her daughter, Iyla.
  • Image of Vaida Ponish
    Vaida Ponish 
    Vaida is a 3rd grader. She plays basketball, softball, and Tae Kwon Do. She loves dogs!! Especially her Beagle, Hannah. She loves to be outside with her friends and is a Brownie Girl Scout.
  • Image of Jackson Schoenbein
    Jackson Schoenbein 
    Jackson is a first time author. He is a student at Lucille Rogers elementary school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jackson loves reading books and learning about all the countries of the world.
  • Image of Ayushman Mazumdar
    Ayushman Mazumdar 
    Ayushman Mazumdar is a student at Waterloo Elementary School in Ellicott City, Maryland. He enjoys writing spy books, bike riding, and playing with his little sister, Adrita.
  • Image of Evan Kirby
    Evan Kirby 
    Evan Kirby is a nice person. He is popular for his Bob and Sally series. He also loves to write books and songs. He loves StoryJumper and has used it for over 3 years!! "I really wanted to get a copy of my first book so my parents bought it for me," says Evan. He has made many books over the years and is 10 years old. He is in 5th grade and hopes you have a good time!!
  • Image of Serenity Drorbaugh
    Serenity Drorbaugh 
    Serenity is a middle-school student in Oregon. She enjoys learning and french fries. When she grows up, Serenity wants to be a Disney Imagineer.
  • Image of Palmer H
    Palmer H 
    Palmer is an elementary school student in Utah. She loves to write stories and create any type of crafts and artwork.
  • Image of Ashvitha Ashok
    Ashvitha Ashok 
    Ashvitha penned her book "The Incredible Journey" in 4th grade after being inspired by authors such as J.K Rowling, Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) , Mildred Benson (Carolyn Keene), Rick Riordan, and Beverly Cleary. Her interests are in Science, Art, writing and reading books. She also is learning Indian Classical dance and plays the flute.
  • Image of Zachary Shih
    Zachary Shih 
    Zachary is a second grade student in Sydney, Australia. He likes reading and writing scary stories.
  • Image of Joshua  Bland
    Joshua Bland 
    Joshua is a student at Lincoln Trail Elementary in Kentucky. He loves to use his imagination when writing. His favorite stories involve adventure and excitement.
  • Image of Faith W.
    Faith W. 
    Faith is a 15 year old girl, who enjoys participating in pageants, writing stories, and dancing. She is currently Miss Teen SouthWest Intl. 2022, and will be competing this summer in Kingsport, Tennessee. In July of 2019, she was Miss Preteen Copper State Intl, and at the national pageant in Charleston, West Virginia, she placed 4th runner-up out of 35 preteens! Faith provided 1,000 meals to starving children through her fundraising efforts, and wrote "Life Without Food" with over 1,000 reads.
  • Image of Aiden Voigt
    Aiden Voigt 
    My friends and I are students at St. Stephen's in Wisconsin. We made this book in 6th grade and finally decided to publish it. Enjoy!
  • Image of Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall 
    Sarah is 11 years old and a student at St. Rita. She likes making up stories and loves cats.
  • Image of Emerson  Coulter
    Emerson Coulter 
    Emerson Coulter, age 10, is a fifth-grader in Elkhorn, Nebraska. She was eight when she wrote, "Cutest Dog Breeds Ever". She enjoys drawing, writing, building things with Legos, and aspires to be a Disney Animator when she grows up.
  • Image of Adeline Cloutier
    Adeline Cloutier 
    Adeline is an 11 year old, passionate ocean lover who, with her family, currently lives in Mozambique. She has been fortunate to have amazing experiences exploring the ocean including: scuba diving with mantas, swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with turtles. She tries hard to turn her passions into action to help others. Stay tuned for more stories!
  • Image of Alexandria Montague
    Alexandria Montague 
    I ❤️ art and my favorite food is chicken pot pie. I am in second grade and am friendly to all people. I have 2 sisters, Ana and Aurelia. I also have a brother named Kyle. I feel happy when I write
  • Image of Christopher Porter, Jr
    Christopher Porter, Jr 
    My name is Christopher C. Porter Jr. I love to imagine and design new things in my head as I constantly challenge how life works. I enjoy playing video games and I am currently studying geography to get in touch with our world.
  • Image of Armani  Dominicci
    Armani Dominicci 
    Armani Dominicci is a student at Fallon Elementary School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He enjoys reading and loves to create stories! We hope you enjoy this Christmas story perfect for the holidays and especially bedtime!
  • Image of Eveleen Herr
    Eveleen Herr 
    Eveleen is in grade six now. She enjoys playing soccer, math, and writing books! She hopes to write more books soon in the future (a new book coming soon)!
  • Image of Lawson Barnes
    Lawson Barnes 
    Lawson Barnes is an 11 year old boy living with his mom and dad in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. Lawson is autistic and non-speaking. He began communicating through RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) in 2014. Lawson wrote The Voyage to Africa by spelling on a letter board and illustrated the book in collaboration with his mom and art tutor, Cassie Saunderson. Lawson's interests are travel, art, literature and movies. His hobbies are swimming and collecting coins and movie memorabilia.
  • Image of Shanelle  Harrell
    Shanelle Harrell 
    Shanelle Harrell is a student at Bridge Creek Elementary in Columbia, South Carolina. She enjoys writing, reading and drawing. Shanelle has a love for pets, especially her pet rabbit, Olivia.
  • Image of Shannon Golis
    Shannon Golis 
    Shannon is a writer from Pennsylvania. She enjoys writing and illustrating her own stories. Shannon especially loves to write about animals and hopes to become a vet one day. She also loves mermaids, fairies, princesses and other cute things. Ballet and piano are her current activities.
  • Image of Fox Bailey
    Fox Bailey 
    This is a book of poetry written by Fox Bailey. He is ten years old. He is autistic and talks with a letter board instead of his mouth. He has been talking since May 2014 when he started learning RPM (Rapid Prompting Method). He thinks all autistics need to get a proper education and gives speeches to advocate for it. He loves all learning and wants to be a scientist and poet when he grows up. He lives in Waterloo with his family, two cats and his service dog Tetley.
  • Image of Trinity Davis
    Trinity Davis 
    Trinity is a 9 year old girl in 4H. She shows her goat, Frankie, every year at the county fair. Trinity has often wondered how Frankie feels about going to the fair and decided to write this story from her point of view.
  • Image of Máximo  Vazquez Scales
    Máximo Vazquez Scales 
    Máximo Vázquez Scales is a young author, musician and artist. He partakes in activities embodying: tennis, swimming, baseball and soccer in which he excels. Moreover, he has studied Suzuki piano since age 2 and since transitioned to classical piano. In 2013, Máximo was inducted into the AIG/Gifted Education Program in which he flourishes to date. In addition, to his academic and social accomplishments, he yearns to fulfill his unwavering aspiration of becoming a future United States president.
  • Image of Hannah F
    Hannah F 
    Hello, I'm Bright Eyes. I am fifteen years old and I have been writing books since I was four (although you couldn't read them). I love writing descriptive books about adventure, animals, and war. Please like and/or comment on my books! Your feedback is always appreciated.
  • Image of Aurore LaMarche
    Aurore LaMarche 
    She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets. She also loves doing anything that helps animals and she loves writing stories that she knows her favorite little cousins will enjoy!
  • Image of Daisy Johnston
    Daisy Johnston 
    Daisy Johnston is a first grader at Loveland Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. Her interests include reading, writing, and dance. She is most proud of her family.
  • Image of Eveleen Herr
    Eveleen Herr 
    Eveleen is 6 years old. She lives in Brampton, Ontario and is in grade one. She loves going to school, learning new things, playing with her friends and spending time with her family.
  • Image of Adam Sayed
    Adam Sayed 
    Adam Sayed is 12 years old and lives in California. He's written a book every summer since kindergarten. He loves to read and loves his cat Cleo.
  • Image of Parker  Ciere
    Parker Ciere 
    Parker is 7 years old and is going into grade 2 at Brier Park Public School in Brantford, Ontario. He enjoys swimming, playing with his stuffies and expressing his wondrous imagination. He really enjoyed making this book and plans on continuing the story! Stay tuned!
  • Image of Lacey Amstadt
    Lacey Amstadt 
    Lacey is 6 1/2 years old. She loves to sing, dance, read, and play her new violin!
  • Image of Michaela Groves
    Michaela Groves 
    Michaela is almost 13 and she loves cats! =^..^= She is in 7th grade and loves to collect stuffed animals. She also loves Eddsworld and Ellsworld.
  • Image of Saniah Redman
    Saniah Redman 
    Saniah is a student at Eisenhower Elementary. She enjoys singing, dancing, writing, playing games, and having fun with her family. She desires to share her gifts with others and wants to inspire others to do the same. She desires to share a message of love!
  • Image of Jenna Brown
    Jenna Brown 
    Jenna Brown is 8 years old and lives in North St Paul, Minnesota. When Jenna is not reading or writing she enjoys playing softball, basketball, card games and going to church with her Dad and her two brothers, Jeremy and Justin. She also spends a lot of time with her new puppy Daisy!
  • Image of Sophia Chilelli
    Sophia Chilelli 
    Sophia Chilellli is a 3rd grader at PS 35 in Staten Island, NY. She got the opportunity to be a part of the school's Emerging Writers Club. She learned a lot and was inspired to write this book about turning double digits. It's a 9 year old girl's take on how exciting it is to be that much closer to being a teenager.
  • Image of Joyce Tsai & Molly Strike
    Joyce Tsai & Molly Strike 
    Molly Strike and Joyce Tsai are students from Valentine Hills Elementary School in Arden Hills, Minnesota. They are friends and classmates and they are both energetic and curious, just like the main character Sparkle in the book. This is their first book together. They had fun writing this book and are looking forward to writing more books together.
  • Image of Keshav Lakshmi Narasimhan
    Keshav Lakshmi Narasimhan 
    I'm now a fourth grader and this is my 5th published book this year. I am grateful to everyone who reads my books and encourages me!
  • Image of Niki Kolarov
    Niki Kolarov 
    I am 7 years old and I'm a Boy Scout. I fluently speak two languages, English and Bulgarian. I live with my mom and grandmother. I like science, reading, mathematics, and electronics. "Animals" is my first published book. I hope that everyone enjoys it. Thank you!
  • Image of Caitlin Mulligan
    Caitlin Mulligan 
    This book is a high energy, super cute children's book that teaches kids about different types of clouds. This book can be for all ages and you will fall in love with the adorable characters.
  • Image of Reileigh Sinsabaugh
    Reileigh Sinsabaugh 
    Reileigh Sinsabaugh is a student at Upper Dauphin Area Elementary School in Lykens, PA. She enjoys playing with her siblings and friends, doing gymnastics, and dressing up.
  • Image of Emie Koppenhofer
    Emie Koppenhofer 
    When I grow up I want to be an author.
  • Image of Ava Simone
    Ava Simone 
    Ava Simone lives in sunny South Florida. She lives with her family, which includes a cat and a dog. Ava loves animals, the beach, 80's music, running and most of all babies. She wants to become a pediatrician some day. Ava is also on the autism spectrum and hopes to write books about special kids like her.
  • Image of Kirina McLeod
    Kirina McLeod 
    Kirina is 8 years old. She has a love for books that goes beyond words. She hopes to be an accomplished author someday. Kirina spends most of her spare time reading and scrapbooking.
  • Image of Landon Tilley
    Landon Tilley 
    Landon is a 2nd grader at Century Elementary in Nixa, MO. He likes basketball, baseball, and playing Xbox. He also likes to read, draw and write stories.
  • Image of Sophia Yen
    Sophia Yen 
    Sophia is an elementary school student in California. She enjoys playing volleyball, reading, making art, and laughing with friends and family.
  • Image of Anabel Root
    Anabel Root 
    Hello, I am Anabel. I am 11 years and I am in the 5th grade. I love writing because it helps me escape into worlds of different possibilities.
  • Image of Luke  Tripoli
    Luke Tripoli 
    I go to school in South Jersey, and I’m in 4th grade. I love the NBA and NFL. My favorite basketball player is James Harden.
  • Image of Charlotte Bigoness
    Charlotte Bigoness 
    Charlotte Bigoness is a student at Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori school of Ithaca, NY. She enjoys drawing and playing with her friends and hopes to inspire others to be as curious as she is.
  • Image of Madison  Robinson
    Madison Robinson 
    I am Madison Robinson. I love making videos, telling stories, playing music, and most importantly helping other kids with things that are hard to talk about. My mom and dad taught me how to express difficut feelings and I want to help other kids do the same.
  • Image of Tsifirah  Y-Reid
    Tsifirah Y-Reid 
    I’m 9 years old and I’m excited to be an author.
  • Image of Isabella Mazer
    Isabella Mazer 
    Isabella Mazer is ten years old. She loves nature, animals, magical creatures, and adventures. She wrote "My Dragon Story" as a way to have an adventure with her friends who she doesn't get to see often as they live far away and to show that creatures and humans can all live together in harmony.
  • Image of Cortland LaBreck
    Cortland LaBreck 
    Cortland Greer is a vibrant 8 year old who is on the Autism Spectrum. Cortland has broken barriers we thought would take years to break through. He enjoys doing all things any little boy his age does. Cortland’s journey is looked upon as an assignment from God, because we believe God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.
  • Image of Aidan Crowley
    Aidan Crowley 
    Aidan loves biking, sports, and rock and roll. He lives in Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Image of Sarah Kazi
    Sarah Kazi 
    Sarah Kazi is a middle school student in Florida. She enjoys playing the oboe and hopes to inspire children to pick an instrument and fall in love with music like her.
  • Image of Chloe Samson
    Chloe Samson 
    Chloe Samson is a student at the Innovation High School at Cool Valley. She enjoys being involved in the community and wants to inspire other lgbtq+ people to come out to their families.
  • Image of Kamille C.
    Kamille C. 
    Kamille is a third grade student in North Carolina. She enjoys reading, writing, art, math, and piano. She hopes to inspire others to reach their dreams.
  • Image of Shreyan  Mittal
    Shreyan Mittal 
    Shreyan Mittal is a fourth grader who is nine and lives in New Jersey. He has a younger sister and lives with his mom and dad. His favorite subject is math. He also likes to write books, read, and travel. He likes to play Roblox and Rocket League. He is writing a realistic fiction series where two characters named Max and Billy have to solve mysteries and at the end they will get a prize. Shreyan goes to Hartshorn Elementary School in Short Hills, NJ.
  • Image of Eva Merritt
    Eva Merritt 
    Eva Merritt is a 6th-grade student at Henderson Middle School. She enjoys being involved in activities in her school, the community, and FBLA. She loves the arts and hopes to have a career in the arts or in law one day. She hopes that she can spread her love of writing and kindness to everyone, but mainly her friends and family. StoryJumper has been a huge help to her stupendous writing skills.
  • Image of Jasmine Petrospour
    Jasmine Petrospour 
    Jasmine wrote this book in her 5th grade class as a project and it became such a fun book to read that everyone loved. She is a fun loving girl who is outgoing and has a very contagious laugh!
  • Image of Christopher Abeyesinhe
    Christopher Abeyesinhe 
    Chris Abeyesinhe is a 5th grade student at Copeland Elementary in Houston, Texas. He loves science and music in school. Also, he loves playing games. He is a very good dancer and he can act as any cartoon character very well.
  • Image of Anujeslina Karunananth
    Anujeslina Karunananth 
    I'm a 6th grader and I'm 11 years old. I love to write stories for everyone. My aim is to be a horse rider and a violinist. Hope you all enjoy reading my book.
  • Image of Tyler  Cormier
    Tyler Cormier 
    Tyler is a student at Fountain Inn High School.
  • Image of Khania Burgess
    Khania Burgess 
    Khania Burgess is a high school senior from Kingstree, South Carolina.
  • Image of Kate Ward
    Kate Ward 
    Kate is an aspiring actress, an author, and the owner of her personal trademarked platform, BeautifulYOU! At 14, Kate has a goal to help build confidence in young girls and to inspire others to be their own unique selves, loving who they are. Promoting community service and making a difference in our schools through her writings, she is currently your Miss USA National Miss NC Jr Teen 2021.
  • Image of Chloe Kramer
    Chloe Kramer 
    My name is Chloe and I am seven years old. This is the first book that I've written and illustrated by myself. I hope you like it! I can't wait to read your comments.
  • Image of Heather Hebert
    Heather Hebert 
    Heather is 7 and she is entering the 2nd grade. She loves to care for her dogs and turtle.
  • Image of Ates Aydinli
    Ates Aydinli 
    Ates Aydinli is a 7 year old student from Istanbul, Turkey. He enjoys drawing, especially comic illustrations. He also enjoys listening to music and playing his drums. He loves to write stories and reading books.
  • Image of Adriana Silva
    Adriana Silva 
    Hi, I am Adriana Silva! I love dogs, unicorns, and writing! I hope to be a writer one day along with so many things! I hope to inspire people to write their own books. Have a great day!
  • Image of Rosana Melnychuk
    Rosana Melnychuk 
    Rosana is 13 years old and is a follower of Jesus Christ. She loves drawing, writing, and her family. She also enjoys gardening and DIYs.
  • Image of Grace Reper
    Grace Reper 
    Grace Reper is from New Jersey and will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. She is an avid reader who enjoys the "Rainbow Magic" collection and anything superhero related!
  • Image of Evelyn Fuller
    Evelyn Fuller 
    Evelyn Fuller is a 6th grade student at Gowana Middle School in Clifton Park, New York. She enjoys singing on her YouTube channel, acting in any musical she can, hanging out with her two cats, Sondheim and Oscar, and, of course, writing StoryJumper books! To learn more, go to her website:
  • Image of Olivia Doherty
    Olivia Doherty 
    Olivia Doherty is a 5th grade student at Collicot Elementary School who enjoys reading and writing stories. She is a gymnast and loves to watch Simone Biles.
  • Image of Matie Vargas Juarez
    Matie Vargas Juarez 
    Matie is 9 years old and loves her family and cousins. She is very organized and loves helping.
  • Image of Takarah  Trujillo
    Takarah Trujillo 
    Takarah Trujillo lives in the US and is thirteen years old. She has been writing books for a long time and has been writing a lot of books on StoryJumper so far. She will be happy if you read some of them!
  • Image of Reece Brozovich
    Reece Brozovich 
    Reece Brozovich is a 14 year old student and this is his first published book. He also makes music and released his first single "Bad" in 2020. Reece currently lives with his dad, mom, and little sister. His current dream is to become a well-known musical artist.
  • Image of Maddie  Bico
    Maddie Bico 
    Maddie Bico has a passion for reading and writing. She has a dog named Buddy from elf pets and dreams to have a real dog soon. She is a first grader and hopes you like her book!
  • Image of Erica Smith
    Erica Smith 
    Erica is a GEUP student. She enjoys crafts and creating things.
  • Image of Josie Perez
    Josie Perez 
    Josie Perez is a kindergarten student at Brookwood Elementary. Josie loves gymnastics, fluffy animals, playing outside, using her imagination, and going to school.
  • Image of Hana Fassnacht
    Hana Fassnacht 
    I love animals! I have two dogs, one leopard gecko, and two fish. My family loves rock climbing, skiing, and biking. I love writing - it is awesome!
  • Image of Amira  Ahmed
    Amira Ahmed 
    This book is a cookbook made in Japanese for those wanting to learn how to make sausage ragu. It's a fairly simple dish and can be made by anyone who has an interest in cooking something new. 頑張ってください
  • Image of Joshua and Joel Vernon
    Joshua and Joel Vernon 
    Joshua (8) and Joel (7) Vernon are students at Sarah Rawson Elementary School in Connecticut. They enjoy reading, watching TV and playing Roblox. They are savers and hope that their book will inspire others to save as well.
  • Image of Sylas Van Pelt
    Sylas Van Pelt 
    My goal is to become a popular author by writing gaming books for kids.
  • Image of Johanna Baker
    Johanna Baker 
    Johanna is currently in the 8th grade and has recently published her fourth book. Johanna figure skates and competes year round. She plays violin and dances. She loves surfing and wakeboarding and has a pet parrot and a cat.
  • Image of Wujin  Cho
    Wujin Cho 
    Wujin is a 7-year-old bilingual writer. He was a first grader when he wrote his first book, "Secret Fighters". He loves Pokemon, playing chess, and solving Rubik's Cubes.
  • Image of Mataya Doriguzzi
    Mataya Doriguzzi 
    Mataya Doriguzzi is a 7 year old student at West Point Elementary in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. She enjoys ballet, gymnastics, writing stories and reading books.
  • Image of McCoy Lyman
    McCoy Lyman 
    McCoy Lyman lives in Utah and loves his family and friends.
  • Image of Valentina Ocampo
    Valentina Ocampo 
    I want to teach kids how to include children with disabilities in daily life activities, and show them that kids with disabilities can do the same things as they can but just with modifications.
  • Image of Elliah  Hall
    Elliah Hall 
    Elliah Hall is a student at Sedgefield Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and is the youngest of three siblings. She hopes one day that her books will inspire other young readers to create their own stories too!
  • Image of Sadie Patterson
    Sadie Patterson 
    Sadie Patterson is a student at The Fulton School in St. Louis, Missouri. She enjoys playing all sorts of sports and loves to play with her friends. She hopes you enjoy her book.
  • Image of Alison H.
    Alison H. 
    Hi! My name is Alison and I'm 9 years old. I live in California and love writing books. I also love to sing and dance. I love playing with my dogs, as well. I hope you enjoy my books!
  • Image of Lilly Combs
    Lilly Combs 
    Lilly Combs wants to make the world kinder. And what better way to do it than to make a book! She loves space, being social, and reading.
  • Image of Elizabeth Clement
    Elizabeth Clement 
    Elizabeth Clement is a graduating 8th grader from Bromley East Charter School in Colorado. The book she wrote is for a passion project, displaying her love of music. She lives at home with her family and 3 cats.
  • Image of Vinnie van Vliet
    Vinnie van Vliet 
    Vinnie is 6 years old and really loves reading books. After he finished reading "Fartboy the First Sniff", he decided to write the second book.
  • Image of Gram Konecky
    Gram Konecky 
    I'm Gram Konecky and I'm 9 years old. I'm a student at Waverly Intermediate School and I've lost many people in my life. I've decided to write books for a hobby.
  • Image of Addison & Avery  Padgett
    Addison & Avery Padgett 
    We are identical twin sisters with a great imagination and love for writing. We love how our imagination can take us anywhere through writing. We love our puppy, Smores, who is always a part of our journeys. We work together on many of our stories, but we do also work separately, as well.
  • Image of Elizabeth Armstrong
    Elizabeth Armstrong 
    Elizabeth is a student at Charles Street School in New Jersey. She loves dogs, being involved in activities in her community, and she likes watching YouTube.
  • Image of Camden Karkow
    Camden Karkow 
    Camden is a first grade student at Stallings Elementary school in Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys playing soccer. He really loves to type stories.
  • Image of Casey McBride
    Casey McBride 
    Casey is a 10 year old from Massachusetts. She loves to read, write, watch baking shows, and play video games.
  • Image of Fiona Bishop
    Fiona Bishop 
    Fiona Bishop is a high school student who enjoys writing, reading, and playing soccer. Her goal is to inspire younger children to be kind and to dream big.
  • Image of Eddie Sadelack
    Eddie Sadelack 
    Edward (Eddie) Sadelack is a student at Johnsville Elementary in Blaine, Minnesota. He loves to write and illustrate books, create art with a variety of mediums and has a love for learning. Eddie is a wrestler and runs track. He hopes to make people smile with his inventive and creative stories.
  • Image of Harshini  Mahesh
    Harshini Mahesh 
    Harshini Mahesh is a student at Bentonville West High School in Bentonville, Arkansas. She loves reading and helping others pursue their passion for reading, especially kids. She has been part of Readers as Leaders and has helped many kids enter the magical door also known as a book.
  • Image of John Polito
    John Polito 
    I’m a nice friend and I love to write stories, comics, and a lot more. I’m an inspired writer and I love friends, family, and The Kings' Knight.
  • Image of Lily Harris
    Lily Harris 
    Lily is in the third grade at a school in Missouri. She enjoys playing basketball and soccer as well as dancing.
  • Image of Stefani Stephens
    Stefani Stephens 
    Stefani Stephens is 8 years old and loves to read books and being a Girl Scout. She likes school, her piano classes, and doing important things that involve learning. She is a very bright girl and a quick learner.
  • Image of Jamarion Rainey
    Jamarion Rainey 
    Hello everyone, my name is Jamarion Rainey and I am eight years old. I was born in Dallas, Texas and I am in the third grade. I love watching and learning videos on Youtube, playing games on the PS4, playing with my brother and going fishing. My mother says that I am one of the best things to ever happen to her. I love reading and recently wrote my first book with more to come. Stay tuned.
  • Image of Rebekah Gibson
    Rebekah Gibson 
    I'm a homeschooler and I like to make good, clean books! I'm a teenager and a twin sister! I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints!
  • Image of Marissa Kleitsch
    Marissa Kleitsch 
    Hi! I'm Marissa Kleitsch, a person who aspires to do many things in my life. I want to be an astronaut and graduate from Harvard with a Ph. D. I am also a great chef. I love having fun as you see above. I am advanced in math and in the gifted program at Waukee Middle School. I believe peace is the only way change will ever happen, anywhere.
  • Image of Katie Guy
    Katie Guy 
    Katie is a 6th grader who has been writing and illustrating stories since she was 2. She enjoys writing creative science fiction stories.
  • Image of Laura Amrhein
    Laura Amrhein 
    Laura Amrhein is a senior at John Carroll High School. She created this book for her senior project. The goal of her senior project is to raise awareness of diabetes, by writing a children's book that will teach young children about it. Laura hopes to one day have this book in her own classroom, since she will be studying Early Childhood Education in college.
  • Image of AJ Kempf
    AJ Kempf 
    AJ is a student at Hancock Middle School. He creates sci-fi books and supernatural books. He has a YouTube channel and he would like for you to subscribe to him so then he can get more inspiration to create more books.
  • Image of Kalianna Boglino
    Kalianna Boglino 
    Kalianna is a student at Westlake Middle School. She loves horses and enjoys to jump them. Kalianna is a friend, daughter, niece, cousin and sister. She hopes to make the world a better place.
  • Image of Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 
    Luke Williams is a student at Greenhills School in Granite Bay, California. He enjoys playing with his dogs, Bailey and River. He also loves running at the lake and hiking.
  • Image of Quincey Brown
    Quincey Brown 
    I made this story about believing in friendship and trust.
  • Image of Sherin R.
    Sherin R. 
    I'm now in 6th grade and I really miss writing books like I used to before. I’ve come back to wanting to write books because I’ve decided I want be a writer when I grow up! My life is honestly pretty different than it used to be before but I met two amazing people, Grace and Jayden, who are helping me through it :)
  • Image of Holly Curulla
    Holly Curulla 
    Holly Curulla is a seven-year-old second grader at Barnard Asian Pacific Language Academy in San Diego. In her spare time she loves being crafty and doing art, playing soccer, and spending time with her little sister.
  • Image of Emily, Veronica, & Cynthia Pedersen
    Emily, Veronica, & Cynthia Pedersen 
    These three sisters enjoy reading, writing, painting, and most importantly having tea parties! Since their mother, Faith, taught them how to prepare proper tea parties, their adventures and imagination have taken them to many fantastic places. Join them!
  • Image of Micah DeFelice
    Micah DeFelice 
    Micah DeFelice is 5 Years Old. He is currently in Kindergarten at North Broward Preparatory School in Florida. He enjoys making up stories, his most enduring one being My Brother Adam. He also enjoys reading, watching Brain Games, Sid the Science Kid, Peter Rabbit and Paw Patrol. He also like listening to audiobooks.
  • Image of Xavier Scheetz
    Xavier Scheetz 
    This is a book I made for my baby cousin. I am in fifth grade and I go to Whitaker Elementary. I am 11 years old and like art. I am going to play tackle and flag football this spring.
  • Image of Katie S.
    Katie S. 
    Katie S. is eleven years-old and is about to be in sixth grade. This is her first time writing and illustrating a book. She likes mermaids, cats, and spooky stories that have happy endings. She hopes her book will encourage other children to write.
  • Image of Brandon Bass
    Brandon Bass 
    Brandon is 9 years old and he has a very vivid imagination. He loves to play video games and run around outside. I know he will accomplish great things with his creativity.
  • Adults
  • Image of Karl  Holub
    Karl Holub 
    Karl Holub is a 5th grade teacher in Chicago, Illinois. He enjoyed writing this counting storybook in college. On request from his professor, he decided to publish his book. His niece created the artwork for "10 Days to Infinity".
  • Image of Donna Augustine
    Donna Augustine 
    Donna Augustine is an author from Northwest Pennsylvania. Donna has had many experiences through life, such as touring with the well known Grammy award winning band Green Jelly. But most of all, her family and children have given her inspiration to write her very first children's book. "Can You Guess?" was written for her son who has Autism and needed another outlet of sensory input.
  • Image of José Luis  Cáceres Calzado
    José Luis Cáceres Calzado 
    Maestro de Educación Infantil en España e Irlanda.
  • Image of Roberto Ramos, Jr.
    Roberto Ramos, Jr. 
    I am an artist who has a passion for drawing with pencils, although I am also skilled in painting. I have recently begun to learn the art of writing children's books and illustrating them myself. I'm also a multi-tasker who enjoys taking on new challenges and learning new things.
  • Image of Zanna Lawson
    Zanna Lawson 
    I am a mom of 4 and have been a hairstylist for 33 years. I enjoy landscaping, reading, exercising, camping, and summer fun. I love kids! Having a connection with each one is different. I love bringing a smile to children's faces unexpectedly! To keep them pure~less stress~less worry! We all grow up way too fast!
  • Image of Ray Lehr
    Ray Lehr 
    Chief Ray Lehr is a retired fire chief from the Baltimore. He met Barney the Fire Truck in 1992 and they worked many incidents together. After Ray retired, he heard that Barney had been shipped to France. He did some research and located Barney and was thrilled to see the old truck bringing joy to a new generation of admirers. Ray's always wanted to write a children's book and Barney's story has a great message: "Think about good things and everything will be OK".
  • Image of Tammy Jackson
    Tammy Jackson 
    Hi, my name is Tammy. This is my first of many books to come. I'm going to be a grandma to a grandson soon and I wrote this book for him. I love animals and my kids dearly.
  • Image of Joseph Nunes
    Joseph Nunes 
    New publisher. Entrepreneur. Business owner. Family man. Looking to make a difference in people's lives one action at a time. I appreciate your time and look forward to connecting with new people along the way! Any thoughts are welcome.
  • Image of Aleena Ahmed
    Aleena Ahmed 
    Aleena is a high school student passionate about languages and women's rights. She enjoys writing books about these subjects to influence children. She hopes you enjoy her books about languages and female figures!
  • Image of Evelyn Hlebik
    Evelyn Hlebik 
    I’ve always wanted to write books for children, to inspire and empower them. I’m an Art Teacher in Texas, but my roots are in Puerto Rico.
  • Image of Pamela Donahoe
    Pamela Donahoe 
    I am a mom who loves my kids. Writing has been my hobby since I was very young. I have just finished my third book and look forward to many more. I love writing, crafting, and remodeling my home.
  • Image of Rozell  Jordan
    Rozell Jordan 
    Rozell Jordan is a father of five, husband, and veteran of the United States Navy. He's a lover of art, cooking, and all things beautiful and seeks to inspire, motivate, and uplift others through his art, food, and writing. He hopes to start a nonprofit organization whose mission will be to provide free art supplies to inner city youth.
  • Image of Danielle Cavanaugh
    Danielle Cavanaugh 
    Danielle Cavanaugh is a mother of a second grade student named Gianna, and lives in Wrentham, Massachusetts. She believes a positive outlook and a good sense of humor is essential to living your best life! Danielle finds that children who have knowledge and experience in many areas grow into well-rounded individuals. Every published story is inspired by "life lessons”, but Danielle brings a light-hearted spin!
  • Image of Brooke  Lowe
    Brooke Lowe 
    Brooke Lowe is a high school teacher and mom who loves reading books to her children, loves having her kids draw inspiration from her stories, and highlighting what's really important in life. Brooke feels happiness comes from contentment of God's creations and loves growing her love of Jesus with her kids.
  • Image of Kat Trinidad
    Kat Trinidad 
    Kat Trinidad is a library science undergrad student with aspirations to be a librarian. She's a former fashion designer and veteran. These days you can find her online musings about books as a blogger/ bookstagrammer. She lives in San Jose, California with her husband. Follow her journey: Instagram @booksenvogue Twitter @booksenvogue Blog
  • Image of Angela Sercerchi
    Angela Sercerchi 
    Angela Sercerchi is a literacy/art contest administrator, and the true authors and illustrators of this book are the youth poets and artists from across New Brunswick, Canada, who inspired us with their talent and creativity.
  • Image of MacKenzie Milford
    MacKenzie Milford 
    MacKenzie Milford is a college student who has a dream of being a published author. She wants to create books that will adorn her future classroom as an aspiring teacher.
  • Image of Alicia Tolbert
    Alicia Tolbert 
    Alicia Tolbert is a mother/wife who likes to help people believe in themselves and encourage them to strive for success. She enjoys spending time with her family and likes to volunteer with special needs kids and her community.
  • Image of Starla Weber
    Starla Weber 
    I live in Plaquemine, Louisiana. I’m a mother of four children and one grandchild. I’m currently working with Pre-K children. I enjoy working with young children and watching them grow.
  • Image of Dorsaf Zghondi
    Dorsaf Zghondi 
    Dorsaf Zghondi enseigante de première année à lécole François Buote Charlottetown, Ile du Prince Edward. "Making learning an enjoyable experience."
  • Image of Sarah Martyn
    Sarah Martyn 
    Sarah Martyn is a freelance teacher and content creator. She has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education / Special Education. Writing is an outlet, and stories are better when they relate to life.
  • Image of Jianna Garcia
    Jianna Garcia 
    Jianna Garcia is a Freshman at Texas Womens University where she is studying to be a pediatric dietician. She is the 2022 National American Miss South Texas Teen and will be competing for the national title in November of 2022. She spends her time shopping, volunteering in her community, and mentoring her younger sister queens through her platform Mentoring Today's Princesses for Tomorrow. Keep up with her at @thenamtxteen_south
  • Image of Aruna Shekar
    Aruna Shekar 
    Dr. Aruna Shekar is a teacher and has written more than 50 stories for children. "It is such a joy to see children enjoy reading my books." Her stories are about pets, colours, patterns, problem solving, adventure, future and fun topics. Be inspired!
  • Image of Keri DeHerrera
    Keri DeHerrera 
    I am a wife, a mother of 5, and a Spanish teacher in Illinois. I started writing and painting for myself, and recently decided to share my work with the world. I hope you enjoy my books. They are bilingual, written and recorded completely in both English and Spanish.
  • Image of Christina Hill
    Christina Hill 
    Hello, my name is Christina and the purpose of writing this book is to help children with handling their emotions in a healthy manner. Everyone gets upset, sad, or has a bad day, but when you know how to turn a negative into a positive, it lifts the burden off not only the parents' shoulders, but also the children's, as well!!
  • Image of Tiffany  Gale
    Tiffany Gale 
    Tiffany Gale lives in Michigan. She has loved reading books most of her life. Writing children’s books has been one of her long-term goals. This is the first book of many to come.
  • Image of Kayleigh Phillips
    Kayleigh Phillips 
    Kayleigh Phillips was a student athlete at Memphis University who returned home to Wales to have a family. She has two beautiful boys called Joshua and Jackson and they are her greatest achievement to date. Her son Jackson wants the world to understand that not all children are the same, but they should be shown the same kindness.
    I am a K-12 public school art teacher in the beautiful mountains of southern New Mexico. I graduated from college 31 years ago, receiving a BA in Art, have been married to the same wonderful man for 33 years and together we have raised three beautiful, talented children. My love for art and writing started when I was just a child. This is my first of what I hope to be many books. Enjoy!
  • Image of Panessie Ward
    Panessie Ward 
    Panessie Ward is a spirtual leader who wants to spread the word that God loves all no matter what. He is always there for EVERYONE.
  • Image of Yolanda Flowers
    Yolanda Flowers 
    Mother of three. Grandmother of eight. Love spending time with family and my pet
  • Image of Samantha Choate
    Samantha Choate 
    Samantha Choate is a teacher in Oklahoma. She is currently working on her third novel, while also dabbling in children's literature and poetry. Nan the Dragon is dedicated to her grandmother, who exudes the spirit of Nan.
  • Image of Morgan  Carr
    Morgan Carr 
    Morgan is a college student. She wrote this book to inspire other African American little girls to reach for their dreams and not let anyone stop you from achieving them.
  • Image of Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 
    Mr. B is a retired classroom teacher with a background in several educational disciplines. He has taught preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. He has Pennsylvania certifications for teaching Elementary Education, Special Education, Reading, Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. He also earned a Master’s degree in Education from Kutztown University.
  • Image of Yash  Bhandari
    Yash Bhandari 
    Yash Bhandari is a high school student who likes to write informational children's books. He intends to teach young kids in America and worldwide about other languages, cultures, and finance.
  • Image of Steve Palumbo
    Steve Palumbo 
    Steve Palumbo is a physician and artist living in Quogue, NY. He is very interested in the neuro-visual development of infants, toddlers, and children, especially as it relates to art perception, abstract art, and the maturing of art appreciation in the young.
  • Image of Marcela Cortes
    Marcela Cortes 
    Marcela Cortes has been a computer teacher and technology coordinator at an elementary school in Arlington, Virginia for the past 15 years. She teaches grades PreK–8th. She likes to write children's books to introduce little ones to computer literacy with fun and engaging stories.
  • Image of Heidi Christenson
    Heidi Christenson 
    Heidi is an English teacher and writer living in the midwest. She has been dreaming up children's books for many years. When she is not writing or teaching she keeps busy raising three amazing daughters.
  • Image of Mike Green
    Mike Green 
    As I have begun a deeper understanding of the Word of YAH, I also have wanted to show our children our true heritage and history according to what is written in the Hebrew writings. The Most High YAH has given me this opportunity and I am very grateful to have met such an incredible young Hebrew artist named Jeannisse who illustrates for my series. All praises to Father YAH perpetually and His Son Yahusha, the Lion of Judah!!!
  • Image of Alex Motes
    Alex Motes 
    Alex Motes is a caregiver at the Boundary Waters Care Center nursing home. He likes to write children’s books in his free time!
  • Image of Lynda Williams
    Lynda Williams 
    I'm a mother and a wife who's inspired by my daughter to teach knowledge and life lessons to her and all kids on their level.
  • Image of Karen  Davies
    Karen Davies 
    Being a stay-at-home mom provides me the opportunity to explore my creative passions. I find joy in writing books, treatments, and screenplays, as well as indulging in candle-making and decorating. Seeing my daughter cherish my books brings me immense happiness, and I aspire to share my stories with a wider audience who will appreciate them just as much.
  • Image of William Connelly
    William Connelly 
    I wanted to do something for my first born grandson. I now have a small ball team worth of them so might have to write a few more books. StoryJumper made it easier than I would have expected and I really enjoyed making this book. If even one person enjoys reading it, then it was worthwhile.
  • Image of Tanya Zilinski
    Tanya Zilinski 
    Tanya is an artist and student of the Halq'emeylem Upper River Coast Salish language.
  • Image of Efua Success
    Efua Success 
    I am a lover of Jesus Christ and a Sunday school teacher at my local church. I work as an assistant teacher for children and youth with special needs. I enjoy music and teaching. I hope to use my books to tell the story of Jesus Christ and the great characters in the Bible. Thus, I pray that my book blesses you and your children. Shalom!
  • Image of Roberta Lynn Marks Joyner
    Roberta Lynn Marks Joyner 
    Roberta Lynn Marks Joyner is a retired family nurse practitioner with 33 years of service in health care and 23 years as an FNP. She is a graduate from ECU with a BSN in 1988 and an MSN in 1997. She received board certification as an FNP in 1998. Frog Song is her first published work. She composed the story in June 2009 and created the Illustrations the following summer of 2010. She lives with her husband Todd and her son Jacob in North Carolina.
  • Image of Jacob Joyner
    Jacob Joyner 
    Jacob Gravelly Joyner made journal entries of his life adventures and decided to create some short stories from those events. Not only does he enjoy writing but he also enjoys playing drums and burning music CDs for family and friends. Jacob's Life Adventures Volume 1 is his first published work.
  • Image of Isabella Di'Vici
    Isabella Di'Vici 
    Isabella Di'Vici was born in Los Angeles, CA. She has devoted her life to caring for everyone who needed her. Recently, she has followed her passion and has written and published poetry and children's books. Her current books are devoted solely to her daughter, Essence Coprich, whose life was shortened by a car accident in August 1996 at the age of seven. Essence was indeed a beautiful girl. Everyone was her dear friend. She greeted everybody with a smile and a hug. Essence was a true angel.
  • Image of Elizabeth Negrete
    Elizabeth Negrete 
    Elizabeth Negrete considers herself a child advocate and her favorite phrase is "prevention." Elizabeth, an upcoming graduate in child development and pedagogy, enjoys assisting parents and teachers in learning about child development.
  • Image of Dorothy Jacobi
    Dorothy Jacobi 
    Dorothy and her husband lived aboard their boat in the Mediterranean Sea. Although living “The Dream,” they missed their granddaughter, Emma. After hearing the constant hiss of the cicadas in France, Dorothy was inspired to write “Charle, The Cicada” especially for Emma.
  • Image of Valerie Escamilla
    Valerie Escamilla 
    I am currently an Art Teacher in Texas. I always loved stories and wanted to create one of my own. I hope to create more some day.
  • Image of Dr. Peter Ramos
    Dr. Peter Ramos 
    Dr. P. J. Ramos is a Doctor of World Religions as well as a published artist, writer, and designer.
  • Image of Porsche Jones
    Porsche Jones 
    I wrote this book mainly with the idea of helping my three-year-old learn the alphabet in a fun way. Then I realized I can help other parents with teaching their children. I was a preschool teacher for eight years before I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. My years of being a preschool teacher were filled with joy. My passion is education and I would do it all over again given the chance.
  • Image of Chris Hall
    Chris Hall 
    Chris Hall is a public finance professional from Phoenix, Arizona. He and his wife, Alyssa, are expecting their first child in September, so he put his love of writing to use by creating a new bedtime story for his unborn daughter.
  • Image of Leilani Chrisco
    Leilani Chrisco 
    I am a mother of five and have been married for 25 years. I have 3 wonderful boys and twin girls. My children have always been my inspiration.
  • Image of Grace Rivard
    Grace Rivard 
    Grace Rivard is Kindergarten Teacher at Kingsbury Country Day Elementary. She wants to spread awareness on accepting others for their differences!
  • Image of T James
    T James 
    I graduated from college and found myself looking for more. Since I have been working with kids for 5 years between being a camp counselor and babysitting I developed a deep love for books and kids and this is my creation Enjoy!
  • Image of Sandy Hall
    Sandy Hall 
    Sandy Hall is a wife, mother, and former infant toddler caregiver. Now she's an errand runner, volunteer, and PTO mom. She also teaches pre-school bible classes. She has always been interested in writing. So, when her son was born, she told him stories of a frog named Ferdine. The adventures are unending!
  • Image of Jill Durbin
    Jill Durbin 
    Jill Durbin is a retired Air Force Officer who enjoys writing to help kids understand and deal with their emotions. Her other books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble are "I Get Angry Like a Tiger" and "Angry Monster".
  • Image of Ken Taylor
    Ken Taylor 
    I'm a born again Christian who loves preaching, teaching and writing. I have a doctorate from Gulf Coast Bible Institute. My desire is to create uplifting stories with a purpose of sharing the gospel. We all need encouragement in these trying times. I hope readers are challenged to seek Christ.
  • Image of Kemeisha  Murray-Samuel
    Kemeisha Murray-Samuel 
    Kemeisha Murray-Samuel is a teacher at the Calder Government School. She is a Vincentian who enjoys writing songs. poems, stories, plays, and any other thing that involves writing. She dedicates her writings to her only child, Kaelem, and hopes to make learning fun by motivating students to believe in themselves.
  • Image of Dani Faura
    Dani Faura 
    Dani is a stay-at-home mom who is working on earning a Master's Degree through Miami University's Project Dragonfly Program. The focus of her studies is Illegal Wildlife Trafficking. She has made it her goal to learn as much as she can about the issue and share her knowledge with others. She hopes that by writing children's books based on her area of focus, she will be successful in not only raising awareness but also decreasing the demand for illegal wildlife.
  • Image of Tonyna Breaux
    Tonyna Breaux 
    Tonyna Breaux (Tonya Bro) is an author of children’s stories. She also pens under Sarah Stein, writing various works. She’s a mother of two and wife of a US Navy Veteran. As a previous military spouse traveling the US, her life taught her how difficult transitioning could become. When she isn’t creating a story, she’s singing or spending time with her family.
  • Image of Natalie Swanson
    Natalie Swanson 
    Natalie Swanson is a mother of 4 who enjoys cooking and writing books that inspire people. During the day she works for a middle school in California. Her free time is spent going to church and sitting near the lake to get inspiration for her stories. She hopes to bring joy to everyone who reads her books.
  • Image of Brianna Norford
    Brianna Norford 
    With a love for the Maria Montessori inspired approach, Ms. Brianna encourages students to exert kindness, empathy, and respect to their peers, families, and well-wishers. It is my hope that all children reading this book will engage in the act of kindness.
  • Image of Timothy Brandon
    Timothy Brandon 
    Timothy Ray Brandon is a writer, director, editor and various other crew jobs as an independent film maker. He also is a high school football coach and professional wrestler. He enjoys being able to teach football to younger generations and enjoys being an active member of the community.
  • Image of Clare Elizabeth Knott
    Clare Elizabeth Knott 
    Clare has been singing, acting, and creating since she was a young girl. She studied fine art in England and currently works with children in France leading art, music, and English workshops as well as creating and performing educational musical shows. She continues to create original artwork and performs in a jazz/folk duo playing her own original songs and standards. She is a mother of 3.
  • Image of Miracle  Brown
    Miracle Brown 
    Miracle Brown is currently a teacher at Mullins Early Head Start. She is compassionate and has a heart for teaching.
  • Image of Mamta Verma
    Mamta Verma 
    Mamta Verma has been an educator and counselor for almost 30 years internationally. She loves to explore various mediums to teach students.
  • Image of Belinda Sutphen
    Belinda Sutphen 
    Belinda Sutphen creates books with a cartoon scenery attracting children and grownup themed storyline attracting adults.
  • Image of Lacy Love
    Lacy Love 
    My name is Lacy and I'm a mother to four amazing children and a full-time student! I love the outdoors, being creative, and always having fun! I hope to continue to inspire children with helpful tools to learn and remember important facts!
  • Image of Dr. Jo Gonsalves
    Dr. Jo Gonsalves 
    Jo Gonsalves, Ed.D is an elementary school principal and grandmother of ten. She lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband "Grandpy" Dave, and of course, one very naughty parrot, Jadie Bird Johnson.
  • Image of Lucina Cal Y Mayor
    Lucina Cal Y Mayor 
    Lucina is a university student. She likes reading and creating content for children. She dreams of becoming a teacher. She's very creative. English is her second language and she´s improving her language skills every day.
  • Image of Payton Nesmith
    Payton Nesmith 
    Payton is a loving wife and stepmother. When Payton isn't playing games with her stepsons she spends her time crafting and sewing. When she has had her fill of that, she turns her attention to writing and illustrating children's books.
  • Image of Lavasha Sherman
    Lavasha Sherman 
    Dr. Lavasha Sherman is a computer programmer. She enjoys technology, poetry, reading, and writing in her spare time.
  • Image of Susan  Andrus
    Susan Andrus 
    I love to read to children and my furbaby Mollie Boo. This story is about her first day of being adopted.
  • Image of Laila Anderson
    Laila Anderson 
    I was inspired by the Haddix Collection written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I love her stories and I hope my books will give you inspiration just as hers did for me.
  • Image of Kimberly Bailey
    Kimberly Bailey 
    My book is dedicated to my mom. I wrote this some time ago and decided to put it into book form. This book is about the struggles she went through and her sickness. I would like to say love your mom because you only get one.
  • Image of Lindsey Pope
    Lindsey Pope 
    Lindsey Pope is a self-published author who enjoys writing 100% customized stories and poems for kids and kids at heart.
  • Image of Sylvia Treadwell
    Sylvia Treadwell 
    I am a toddler teacher and I have a love for reading and writing for the young at heart.
  • Image of Paula Thomas
    Paula Thomas 
    Paula is a writer who specializes in short stories and poetry. Recently, she started writing children's literature and enjoys it.
  • Image of Erin Ezernack
    Erin Ezernack 
    I’m a mom, wife, and teacher who enjoys writing for those in her life.
  • Image of Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 
    Richard Smith is a Self-Published Author. He's also a Technology teacher at Chet Burchett Elementary School in Spring, TX. He loves teaching, spending time with his family and finding new ways to inspire his students. He hopes this book is a way for students to be inspired to follow their dreams and also learn a little technology vocabulary while they read. Please take the time to read his book and share it with the young aspiring authors that you know!
  • Image of Sharon Dupree
    Sharon Dupree 
    I love my kids!
  • Image of Peter Servidio
    Peter Servidio 
    Peter lives in northern New England with his wife and three kids. He has written many guides and novellas, but "Jack and Felix Home Alone" is his first attempt at a children's book. You can find his other writings at
  • Image of Lene Guy
    Lene Guy 
    Lene's a hardworking mom, wife, and a second-year college student who also has a passion for painting, crafting, and traveling. She also loves animals, nature (especially the trees), and being outdoors. Lene wants others to know that it's never to late to follow your dreams. And to also do what makes you happy!
  • Image of Natalie Jones
    Natalie Jones 
    I am an aspiring author with 6 consecutive poetry publications under my belt to date. I enjoy creating books for all types of genres and age ranges : D
  • Image of August Downing
    August Downing 
    August Downing is a student at Stone Canyon Elementary in Owasso, Oklahoma. She loves reading, writing, and illustrating books. She loves crafts and painting, too.
  • Image of Renata Sandrini
    Renata Sandrini 
    Renata is a support teacher in Verona, Italy.
  • Image of Andrew  Tarnacki
    Andrew Tarnacki 
    Andrew Tarnacki is an author by hobby. He is a father of three (one boy, two girls) who lives with his wife in Farmington, Michigan. He works as a design engineering manager for the automotive industry.
  • Image of Tani Adams
    Tani Adams 
    I'm raising kids, llamas, and alpacas in the Pacific Northwest. What a life and loving every minute! I am an artist, an actress, a singer, a director, a volunteer with 4-H and have worked at the same company for 30 years. I recently retired and I am ready to start hanging out with my llama friends and writing several more children's books. I hope everyone enjoys them.
  • Image of Elizabeth Wirth
    Elizabeth Wirth 
    Elizabeth Wirth is a future elementary teacher with a desire to be the teacher she needed when she was a child after being diagnosed with autism. Now the 2021 USA National Miss Michigan is a community activist to spread awareness on autism with her platform M.A.K.E a difference- making autism known to everyone - to combat the stereotypes and highlight the realities.
  • Image of Estrella  Ortiz
    Estrella Ortiz 
    Estrella Ortiz is a mother of two and grandmother of four. She lives in Pennsylvania. One of her biggest joys is creating funny short stories for kids that are interwoven with valuable life lessons.
  • Image of Dustin Bourgoine Sr.
    Dustin Bourgoine Sr. 
    I originally hail from New Hampshire and I now reside in Georgia. I love to read and I especially like sports cars and motorcycles. I have an IT and teaching background.
  • Image of Aeon Miller
    Aeon Miller 
    When I'm not pounding away at my keyboard writing stories, I'm enjoying my life and time in Florida and around the world. When I'm not doing that, I've got the reliable day job that allows me to travel and meet new people (a wealth of character data)!
  • Image of Adam Gambill
    Adam Gambill 
    Adam Gambill has a masters degree in history and loves to write. He has been published by Christian Publishing House and Lighthouse Christian Publishing. His first book, The Christian Dilemma, is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, among other places. He did a book signing at Barnes and Noble a few years ago for his second book, The Rapture: God’s Unwelcomed Wrath. He has also published several archaeology books that are available on Amazon.
  • Image of Amy  Ellis
    Amy Ellis 
    I am a teacher in California. I teach English, English Language Development, and business skills.
  • Image of Ysanna  John
    Ysanna John 
    Ysanna John is a Middle School English teacher in The British Virgin Islands. She enjoys reading, writing, photography, and computing. She likes to inspire students to express themselves in a variety of creative ways.
  • Image of Mireisi Arquez Loriga
    Mireisi Arquez Loriga 
    Mireisi has been teacher for more than 20 years. She loves to work with children and write beautiful stories for them. She says that children are the hope of the world, and it is important to teach them, so they can be good people in the future.
  • Image of Toni  Held
    Toni Held 
    I am a mom of three kiddos! I have always had a love and passion for horses. My daughter, Chelsea, is also is finding the passion for horses, and I am loving every minute of it! She is learning how to communicate and have confidence that will stick with her for the rest of her life.
  • Image of T Vincent
    T Vincent 
    Tiffany Tales & Douglas Fur web show and children's books were created as friendly characters to help young growing minds and to teach children new skills while still having fun. I created this project to give back to my community, to provide a service where young minds can grow, and their parents won't have to worry about the extra cost for entertainment. We hope you love our project as much as we do!
  • Image of Max Meinema
    Max Meinema 
    This is my first book. Enjoy!
  • Image of Jake Bates
    Jake Bates 
    I am a TAG (ELP) teacher at Hoover Middle School in Waterloo, IA. My former elementary students from Lowell Elementary in Waterloo, IA authored and created "Lowell Elementary School History". Their goal was to share fiction and historical fiction in this book. I enjoy seeing my students' talents shine like this!
  • Image of Christian Alarcon
    Christian Alarcon 
    Christian is a dad - in fact he's Olive's dad, who Olibird is based off of. He lives in San Francisco and works as a Registered Nurse full time. He enjoys exploring his creative side, especially when it touches other people in a positive way!
  • Image of Samantha Kratman
    Samantha Kratman 
    Sam Kratman is a student at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Rhode Island. She is involved in various STEM clubs in her school and is passionate about inspiring the next generation of women in science. On top of her love for science, Sam is an avid bookworm and leads her volleyball and horseback riding teams as a captain.
  • Image of Xavier  Sanchez Arrunategui
    Xavier Sanchez Arrunategui 
    Xavier Sanchez Arrunategui is a beginner in writing but really enjoys telling stories. He wants to become a movie producer when he grows up.
  • Image of Snella Muhimpundu
    Snella Muhimpundu 
    Snella Muhimpundu is an Early Childhood Educator at ABC Day Nursery of Windsor. She graduated from St. Clair College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education in June 2021. She is married and a mother of a sweet little girl named Gatoni Kierra Muneza. She enjoys spending time with her friends, cooking, watching movies, and writing books for kids.
  • Image of Scarlett McCurry
    Scarlett McCurry 
    Scarlett McCurry, Holly Driggers, and Hanna Lawson are currently working on their Bachelor's in Early Childhood Special and General Education. They will graduate in May 2022 from Middle Georgia State University. They enjoy spending time with their family and teaching children how to be the best they can be. They hope to bring a much needed change to our educational system that encourages both academic and personal growth in every individual.
  • Image of Joelene Smith
    Joelene Smith 
    Joelene Smith is a college student at Northwest College in Powell, WY seeking her degree in Psychology. She will later transfer to the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming, hoping to get her degree in therapy.
  • Image of Erika Phillips
    Erika Phillips 
    Erika has been a teacher for twenty-two years. She has taught grades K-5 and is currently a STEM teacher in her neighborhood school. She enjoys writing for children and reading to children. Check out her narrated books "Thank You, Plants" and "The ABCs of STEM".
  • Image of Laura De Menech  & Marina Zanini
    Laura De Menech & Marina Zanini 
    Laura & Marina vivono a Belluno, nel cuore delle Dolomiti. Amano la natura e gli animali.
  • Image of Rebecca Ocasio
    Rebecca Ocasio 
    Rebecca Ocasio is a student at St. Francis College who is studying to be a childhood education teacher. She has been writing stories ever since she was 8 years old and was inspired to write her book to encourage people to face their fears.
  • Image of Gabrielle  Rivera
    Gabrielle Rivera 
    Gabrielle Rivera or "Nymphia: The Nautilus Mermaid" is a professional mermaid performer based in Northern California! She performs for children's events, Renaissance festivals, and various events inspiring magic for both children and adults alike. She also is a transitional artist with a passion for costume design and story telling.
  • Image of Sofia Montano
    Sofia Montano 
    Sofia is a student who loves art, drawing, and painting. She hopes one day to inspire others.
  • Image of Xia Zhang
    Xia Zhang 
    Ms. Xia Zhang is a full time Chinese teacher at St. Brendan High School. She has extensive experience in Chinese Language and Culture teaching in colleges and high schools. She is the creator of the Hua Mei Children's Performance Art Group, where she has a close involvement in the Chinese Community. In addition, she is the vocal trainer for several choir groups in Miami. Her excellence in teaching her students comes from her passion of teaching Chinese through musical books and other art forms.
  • Image of Rebekah Williams
    Rebekah Williams 
    Rebekah A. Williams is 19 years old and lives in Sacramento, California. She grew up reading children's books and always had a special connection with them. Some of her favorite children's stories growing up were the Junie B. Jones series, Fancy Nancy, A Bad Case of Stripes, and the Bible. She wanted to display her love for children's books by writing "A Christmas to Remember" and display what Christmas is all about!
  • Image of Glenn Davidson
    Glenn Davidson 
    Dad of three boys and one granddaughter.
  • Image of Jodie Pilkington
    Jodie Pilkington 
    I am a mum of two and came up with this story as I was trying to get my toddler to sleep. I am also an English teacher and love a good book.
  • Image of Janine Vance
    Janine Vance 
    I am a retired sixty-seven-year-old woman who loves reading books and writing poetry. I passed my love of reading on to my daughter, Miranda, whom I am sure will also pass it along to her daughter, Zara.
  • Image of Luisa Pereira
    Luisa Pereira 
    My name is Luisa and I teach before and after school programs. Since the pandemic, I have been at home with my grandchildren. I have decided to write children's books with my grandkids based on the funny things that they say and do. I made my own story with two of them in it. We've been having so much fun and learning at the same time.
  • Image of Dr. David Bucklew
    Dr. David Bucklew 
    I hope kids 2 to 5 years old will enjoy my books. Don't forget to tie your shoes. More to come.
  • Image of Jennifer Koenig
    Jennifer Koenig 
    Jennifer Koenig's book was inspired by the imagination of her granddaughter's love for cats.
  • Image of Devon Stone
    Devon Stone 
    Devon Stone is a mom of three. She enjoys spending time with her family and their dog. Her hobbies include photography and making personalized crafts.
  • Image of Scott Russell
    Scott Russell 
    I’m a happy father of five and husband to a wonderful woman. I’ve always enjoyed writing and made a story for my nieces a few years back. I work as an electrician in Southern California and I love my job. My family means everything to me!
  • Image of Kevin and Jessica Wilcox
    Kevin and Jessica Wilcox 
    We are a brother and sister team who have had so much fun composing the words for this story. Its creation began on a long road trip one day. We were in good spirits and found ourselves contemplating the lessons that birds teach about life's simplicity, ease, and joy! The words were initially written as a song, but then were slightly expanded upon for this literary version! We hope you enjoy it as much as we both enjoyed creating it together!
  • Image of Victoria  Otto
    Victoria Otto 
    Victoria Otto has been competing in pageants for three years, has held a local outstanding teen title, and currently holds a USA National Miss local title. Victoria knows that many kids and teens face bullying in schools. Whether it's physical, social, verbal, or cyber bullying it's important that we take notice and help put an end to bullying. Victoria hopes to create a series of books on anti-bullying.
  • Image of Sandralee Fayad
    Sandralee Fayad 
    Sandra Lee Fayad is an artist and writer who lives in Victoria, B.C. Canada. She enjoys her summers at the cottage in Ossipher SK, where she enjoys her grandchildren, young nieces, and nephews at nearby Maccaroni Lake. She loves to read and write for them.
  • Image of Angela Ritter
    Angela Ritter 
    I am a mother of two boys who loved to hear stories when they were little, but they couldn’t be out of a book. I have always loved writing and hoped to write a book one day and I finally did.
  • Image of Sue Young
    Sue Young 
    Hi, my name is Sue Young and I work in a library. I hope all children enjoy listening to Sparky's story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sparky says... "It's Important to be kind and caring."
  • Image of Anneka Dahle
    Anneka Dahle 
    I am a dog trainer. I have been training dogs my whole life for a sport called Dog Agility. I have competed in hundreds of Dog Agility shows over the years and I teach kids how to train and care for their dogs. My goal in life is to educate as many kids as possible about the importance of training a dog.
  • Image of Deena DeGregorio
    Deena DeGregorio 
    I have a strong sincere passion for working with young children. I was a Para at a special needs pre-k until Covid hit and now I’m a remote learning assistant. I’m going towards my Bachelors in ECE and I want to be a kindergarten teacher. This fun book is meant to assist children with their daily physical activities. I loved writing it and am so happy to be sharing this with all of you. I hope your little ones enjoy my book.
  • Image of James Nassetta
    James Nassetta 
    I am James and I'm a 22 year old man. I wrote this book to show kids that family doesn't have to be only through blood. It can include your friends because I made a family from my friends! I hope you love my book!
  • Image of Angie  Stoddard
    Angie Stoddard 
    Angie is a singer/songwriter/artist. She wrote these books for her 4 kids, 10 grandkids, and her husband to inspire them to put their thoughts down any way they can. Check out her other work on or any music store.
  • Image of Sharllah Brewster
    Sharllah Brewster 
    I am a writer and mom whose passion it is to make children's books fun, educational, and imaginative. I hope to teach the lesson of inclusivity among kids.
  • Image of Matea Gordon
    Matea Gordon 
    Matea Gordon wants to inspire other youth to make healthy food and activity choices to live life to the fullest. Through her involvement in 4-H, she has attended a Healthy Living Summit for Youth in Washington, D.C. and has received training to teach Fit Flow Yoga. Matea is a student at Sturgis Brown High School in South Dakota, and her favorite outdoor activity is biking.
  • Image of Christina Tremaine
    Christina Tremaine 
    Christina Tremaine has been an avid fan of the written word for decades. Turning her passion of writing into a fulfilling career as a professional author has been, hands down, one of her greatest life achievements. Some of her work can be seen in the Compass Literary Magazine, Wattpad and She resides in Arlington, Texas, with her husband, Kenneth, and her 10 year old cat, Yoda Bear.
  • Image of Maggie Gendron
    Maggie Gendron 
    Maggie is a beginner at children's books, and is often critiqued for horrible grammar, but her hobby is always thinking of stories to create for all the beloved little people in her life.
  • Image of Tanner  Boyle
    Tanner Boyle 
    I am the principal of the Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention Education Program in Charlottesville, Va. A student and I created this story as our first book! All of the paintings are student work or murals in our building.
  • Image of Okeive  Stewart
    Okeive Stewart 
    Okeive Stewart is a husband and father of three beautiful children. He enjoys quality time with friends and family, listening to music, reading, and nature. His mission is to help make this world a better place one day at a time, inspired by his three children.
  • Image of Amy Rosenfeld Kass
    Amy Rosenfeld Kass 
    I am a librarian for children in NYC and I wrote this book to help children return to school during COVID-19. This book will help families, children, and teachers, too.
  • Image of Las Hermanas Rompecabezas
    Las Hermanas Rompecabezas 
    The author is a T.A. who works with a support team and enjoys writing stories about being kind and helpful.
  • Image of Elisabete Gonçalves
    Elisabete Gonçalves 
    Desde muito cedo que a escrita fascina-me. Sou professora e tenho trabalhado ultimamente com educação literária. Ter a possibilidade de escrever para os mais novos e ajudar a formar leitores é o meu desejo.
  • Image of Jeremy Robinson
    Jeremy Robinson 
    Be good. Do good.
  • Image of Gladys Jayaseelan
    Gladys Jayaseelan 
    Glad Jay has enjoyed writing from the time she was a kid. She is the author of the book "The Enchanted World of Doreen & Lisa". This book was distributed among friends and family. Glad Jay enjoys writing stories for little kids. Her pen name is Glad Jay.
  • Image of Paul Bauma
    Paul Bauma 
    Paul resides in Chicago and enjoys spending time with friends and his dogs. He has his bachelor's degree in creative writing with a concentration in screenwriting.
  • Image of Debbie Browne
    Debbie Browne 
    Debbie lives in Shaunavon Saskatchewan in Canada with her husband Charlie.
  • Image of Elena Neva
    Elena Neva 
    Elena Neva is known worldwide for her expertise in Bactrian Jewelry, the history of jewelry, her books and lectures on art history, and her knowledge of the art and jewelry of ancient Asia and Tajikistan, where she was born. She has visited twenty-six countries, has lectured at some of the world's finest universities, and she now teaches at several schools and colleges in the Boston area, where she specializes in Russian language and art history.
  • Image of Stepfanie Phairr
    Stepfanie Phairr 
    Mighty J shows kids how they should be able to feel big or helpful no matter their age! Also, how helping one another can be rewarding all in itself!
  • Image of Susan Gugliotto
    Susan Gugliotto 
    Susan Gugliotto loves how the written word can take you on new adventures. "Where's Sleepy Bunny?" is her first authored children's book. It was illustrated by her sister, Sharon Elmer. When not writing, Susan works for an oncology medical practice and enjoys camping as well as many hobbies.
  • Image of Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez 
    I'm a recent graduate with my bachelor's degree in psychology. I'm currently enrolling in a graduate program to become a clinical therapist. I want to promote communication among children and parents. I would like to make the world a happier place one book at a time. Thank you for your support!
  • Image of Natasha Roslosnik
    Natasha Roslosnik 
    I’m a preschool teacher working towards my Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education. I worked in finance for twelve years before moving to the wonderful world of education.
  • Image of Izumi Sunagawa
    Izumi Sunagawa 
    Hi, I'm Izumi. I love to write books that are positive and helpful. My favorite things to do are painting and spending time with my son and my pet.
  • Image of Lacy Hardesty
    Lacy Hardesty 
    i like slipknot and stone sour and corey taylor.
  • Image of Renee Hopkins
    Renee Hopkins 
    Renee is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Raleigh, NC. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others in a fun and easy to understand way.
  • Image of Elisha  Hill
    Elisha Hill 
    Elisha Hill was a poet before shifting to children’s books. She is a middle school teacher and a mother of 2 boys. She lives in Round Rock, TX, right outside of Austin with her fiance and children. Elisha is best known for "Imperfection is Beauty."
  • Image of Ray Mar
    Ray Mar 
    I am retired with beautiful and loving grandchildren who love to hear stories, especially the ones I make up for them. We have so much fun listening and sharing stories.
  • Image of Danielle  Seager
    Danielle Seager 
    Danielle Seager is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. She is pursuing a career in Elementary Education and becoming a teacher. She loves kids and wants to inspire young minds to become whoever they wish to become by providing them support in her classroom. Danielle also loves to write.
  • Image of Sisilia Kusumaningsih
    Sisilia Kusumaningsih 
    Sisilia is a graduate student in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Montana. She has been an Indonesian for Speakers of Other Languages (ISOL) instructor for 5 years and taught in Indonesia and Thailand. Currently, she's a teaching assistant at Mansfield Defense Critical Language and Culture Program. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and watching Japanese anime.
  • Image of Ruth Valle
    Ruth Valle 
    Ruth Valle is a German/French teacher at Sequoyah High School. She loves to teach languages and hike in the mountains. She loves to write stories to inspire students to think outside or their personal experience zone.
  • Image of Tracey Tang
    Tracey Tang 
    Tracey is a working mother of two wonderful children. She serves as a Sunday school teacher for children aged 5-6 at her church. She loves making up new stories to entertain her children.
  • Image of Yamah Dolo
    Yamah Dolo 
    I am an educator and I live in New England. I enjoy working with students, meeting new people, and cooking. Sunrises/sunsets are my all-time favorites. I hope to help other people find who they truly are.
  • Image of Hannah Green
    Hannah Green 
    My name is Hannah Green and I'm from Northwest Indiana. I am getting my master's degree in Special Education. I have always loved children’s books and decided to write one for my niece. This is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy it!
  • Image of Wendy Rauhut
    Wendy Rauhut 
    Wendy is a substitute librarian in San Diego, California. She loves traveling, going to the beach, hanging out with her husband and kids, COFFEE, and of course books!
  • Image of Schaneka Floyd
    Schaneka Floyd 
    Schaneka Floyd is a wife and mother of three children. She is an author and educator and has taught Early Childhood Education for over two decades. Schaneka has an Associates and Bachelor's Degree and she is currently working towards a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She continues teaching and advocating for young children today.
  • Image of Destini Jones
    Destini Jones 
    I am a Kindergarten Teacher in North Carolina! I am a proud East Carolina University alumna and I love teaching my little learners how to be great readers and writers! I also enjoy coaching Cheerleading and teaching Lyrical dance! I hope that the books that I write remind you of both the joys and sorrows of childhood.
  • Image of Becky Villareal
    Becky Villareal 
    Becky Villareal is a grandmother and the author of the "Gianna the Great" series and "The Broken Branches". As an elementary school teacher, she enjoys watching children explore and discover wonderful things in nature. That is why she wrote "Snake Holes".
  • Image of Trina Dorman
    Trina Dorman 
    Trina Dorman lives in Calgary, Alberta. She works as a Medical Aesthetician and her favorite past times are trying new recipes, story writing, and thrift store shopping. This book is based on a childhood experience at the grandparents' farm in Saskatchewan.
  • Image of Brekelshie Knight
    Brekelshie Knight 
    Hello! My name is Brekelshie Coleman. I am a graduate of Jones County Junior College and Mississippi State University. I love writing and working with children. I currently work with a school district in a kindergarten classroom. I hope that the books I write inspire a love for reading with children or just bring them pure joy and laughs.
  • Image of Ali Nazari
    Ali Nazari 
    Ali is an immigrant with lots of hopes and dreams who came to the US a few years ago. His mother tongue is Farsi and he has a master's degee in Civil Engineering and a master's degree in Computer Science. He started this project for one of his Computer Science courses and fell in love with the idea of writing books for children. This project is a gift to his 5 year old nephew.
  • Image of Helen M Woodhouse
    Helen M Woodhouse 
    I've been writing and self publishing books for kids since 2000. After many years in Saskatoon, Canada, my husband and I moved to Costa Rica. Now we're back in Canada, enjoying its warmest city, Victoria.
  • Image of Ryan Jensen
    Ryan Jensen 
    Ryan Jensen is a private person who just so happened to write a children's book. He hopes that you enjoy it!
  • Image of Laura Butrico
    Laura Butrico 
    I am a booklover who would like to encourage kids to read and discover you can have an adventure any time any place. Author of Marvin’s Kind of Magic Marvin’s Baby Sister Marvin goes to the Pet Store and The Wandering Bear Marvin Meets Bert and Ernie and Marvin Meets the Easter Bunny
  • Image of Colin Reid
    Colin Reid 
    I decided to write books for kids after giving up work as I'm waiting on a double-lung transplant! I will be buying some of the books and these will be going to hospitals for sick kids and hospices in Scotland and elsewhere, where they can do the most good!! Enjoy! **Update!! Had a Double Lung Transplant ** Yippee!! I will be looking to add my voice to my book soon! Thank you all for your lovely comments.
  • Image of Lynn Foster
    Lynn Foster 
    Lynn Foster is a first grade teacher at West Elementary School in Warren County, TN. When she is not teaching, she enjoys walking, hiking, karaoke, reading, writing, and spending time with her family.
  • Image of Brianna  Bradley
    Brianna Bradley 
    Brianna Bradley is a first time children's book author and in her spare time she can be found writing poetry and reading Harry Potter. Again.
  • Image of Mariana Lopez
    Mariana Lopez 
    I was born in Mexico and raised in Texas where I live with my husband and son. I love books and always knew I wanted to publish one. I work at an elementary school as a teacher's aide. Teaching is one of my passions.
  • Image of Julie Carrasquilla
    Julie Carrasquilla 
    Jula Rae is a passionate writer who enjoys writing inspirational books for children. A true gift that she gives is to uplift others through her writing.
  • Image of Avery Kellin and Lindsay Smutka
    Avery Kellin and Lindsay Smutka 
    For our AP Science class we made this book focusing on the issue of climate change and what kids can do to stop it.
  • Image of Amparo Saucedo
    Amparo Saucedo 
    Amparo Saucedo is a stay-at-home mom of eight children from Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys writing and drawing. Although every day is a busy day, she still made time to pursue one of her dreams, which is to write a children's book. She hopes to inspire moms and others to not give up on their dreams and goals!
  • Image of Anita Cheng
    Anita Cheng 
    Anita Cheng is a high school student in Vancouver, Canada. She enjoys writing, reading, and the arts.
  • Image of M. Joseph Ware
    M. Joseph Ware 
    M. Joseph Ware lives in San Francisco, California and is a musician and artist who created the first Amelia Purple book for his daughter Amelia on her 4th birthday.
  • Image of Lanett' Posley
    Lanett' Posley 
    Lanett' Posley is a graduate student at the University of Scranton, with a B.A in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. As a child she was considered rambunctious by nature, with a feral imagination to be contained. She is a wife and a mother of two. Her eldest child (age 7) was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2, propelling Lanett' to push the boundaries that lie beyond the stained glass wall.
  • Image of Gloria Woodard
    Gloria Woodard 
    Gloria Woodard is the founder and designer of KIDS PLUS ART BOOKS. She enjoys life with her 5 children and art! Check out KIDSPLUSART on Instagram @thekidsplusart.
  • Image of Luke Barker
    Luke Barker 
    Luke is a father to 4 children, 2 on earth 2 in heaven, he writes stories that makes a way for children to remember their brothers or sisters in heaven.
  • Image of Petol Weekes
    Petol Weekes 
    Petol Weekes is an all around creative. She is a filmmaker and art teacher among other things. She wrote this book to inspire young girls and boys to look for and accept the beauty in themselves and others.
  • Image of Cindy Michelle Pickering
    Cindy Michelle Pickering 
    Michelle is wife and mother currently pursuing writing her first novel. She has written short stories and poetry mostly based on family experiences and adoption. With this story she hopes to inspire how important family relationships are.
  • Image of Babs Dempsey
    Babs Dempsey 
    Babs works in the fitness industry in Irvine, California. Her interest in writing grew out of a desire to teach life lessons to her own children. This is the first of 4 books written to be made public. Her hope is to teach these lessons through the magic and fun of reading.
  • Image of Cali Painter
    Cali Painter 
    Cali Painter is a student at Ohio State University and is studying to be an Early Childhood Education Major. She is involved with the Ohio State All Girl Cheerleading program, and loves to spend time volunteering with children.
  • Image of Kimberly Klasnic
    Kimberly Klasnic 
    Kimberly Ann Klasnic a TESOL-certified ESL teacher pursuing a Master's in Education in Reading/Literacy. She is also a professional singer, songwriter, actress, and voiceover artist. Read more about Kimberly at
  • Image of Antoinette Oesterlein
    Antoinette Oesterlein 
    Wife. Mom. Creator. Educator. Lover of words.
  • Image of Theresa Hollingsworth
    Theresa Hollingsworth 
    I am a very proud mother of 3 amazing children and Nanna to 3 and 1 on the way precious grandchildren. I live in Victoria, Australia. I am a Personal Assistant in the Healthcare System, Hairdresser, Beautician, and now an excited Published Author. I hope you all enjoy my book, especially all the children. I hope my story wraps around you like a warm and fuzzy hug.
  • Image of Suzie Williams
    Suzie Williams 
    Suzie grew up on a turkey farm in Central Utah. She is now an elementary school principal who enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and gardening.
  • Image of Jacob Heins
    Jacob Heins 
    Just a dad of two amazing kids with great imaginations. I created this book from a goofy story that I made up for my kids, just to show them that no matter how old I am, I’m still a kid at heart.
  • Image of Gavin Barnard
    Gavin Barnard 
    I'm just a dad who sometimes makes up stories for my children at bedtime. They really enjoy my silly, funny, and loving stories with different characters and situations that have an underlining meaning to them (e.g. self-confidence, emotional support, caring etc...) My daughter (who's 7) keeps telling me I should write them down as she absolutely loves them, so this is my attempt at doing just that!
  • Image of Jeffery Moore
    Jeffery Moore 
    Jeffery is a photographer and former teacher in Chicago. An amazing young girl in California inspired Jeffery to use his photos to help tell a story.
  • Image of Mary  McLaughlin
    Mary McLaughlin 
    I just graduated from Virginia Wesleyan University. I am a substitute teacher in the Virginia Beach School System and I really enjoy teaching elementary school children. I wrote this for my 3 1/2-year-old grandson.
  • Image of Bob Herb
    Bob Herb 
    Bob Herb is a high school teacher in Texas. He tries to create lifelong writers on a daily basis.
  • Image of Patricia Edwards
    Patricia Edwards 
    Patricia Edwards works full time nights at a hospital in Maryland. She loves to write supernatural stories to share with you in her spare time. She just published her supernatural "Twisted" series on Amazon.